Psychics (sort of) :)

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Forums -> General Info -> Psychics (sort of) :)

Psychics (sort of) :)
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Let me first say this: every human being is born with psychic abilities. Some are more capable, having a natural mechanism that makes the ability more prevalent. Others get "bits and pieces", and there is always good ol intuition.
Most of us know this, and many of us have experienced it in a way that makes us able to exercise the ability without thinking of it. We don't consider ourselves "powerful psychics", no one likes cocky after all;)
What's difficult for the seasoned psychics is having a younger (and not altogether great) ones try to 'read' us. Well me anyway, no offense to anyone, I just observe ;)
I don't want to be mean when their so called reading are so preposterous it borders on the impossible. I don't want to sway them from learning and honing natural skills...but shouldn't someone tell them it's actually stunning how unpsychic they seem? Or let them know they aren't powerful, they actually are so incorrect that statistically they should have accidentally gotten something right by then?
I really wish there was a set code of manners and etiquette on this subject! When I hear their predictions, readings, or my personal favorite -they call their visions "prophecies" (omg awwwwws) I kind of want to chuckle and roll my eyes.
I have a theory. It's called the "Booger in the Nose Theory" and can be used in a broad range of instances. Basically, the premise is that no one wants to walk around with a big ol booger in their nose, embarrassing themselves as they talk to people who don't say anything for fear of making said embarrassment worse. The thing is, the booger wearer doesn't know it's there! They would be mortified if they did, but being as they don't they continue on as if nothing were wrong. So, they need a kindly person to point out the obvious so they can remove the offensive bits and move on. They can't fix a problem they don't know is there!
Which leaves me with my original problem: to tell them, or not to tell them???
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Re: Psychics (sort of) :)
Post # 2
There is not a "set code" of psychics because it is a natural "ability" people have on all degrees. You should not generalize these abilities with ego, because not everyone will "brag" about their abilities. Personally, I am offended at this post.
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Re: Psychics (sort of) :)
Post # 3

Everyone has psychic capability, yes, they must hone their skills should they wish to and probably is the only correct part of this post, but barely.

Tarot Card Reading is a part of psychic capability. So is Cartomancy, and Palm Reading. It doesn't matter if you don't believe in it or not, it's still part of psychic capability. It is the ability to help another by card meaning or the meaning in the palm of their hand depending on practice. I have been a Cartomancer for two years of my four years of practicing magick in general. Card and palm reading or any other reading is powerful in the fact that the quorent can tell the psychic how accurate they are and judging by the expression on their face, can tell it is not a lie. There are some who will get a reading from a psychic just for fun, not really believing in it, but the readings themselves are still part of psychic capability. Keep in mind that Prophetic Dreaming is also a part of telling the future, which is what some readings are based on, but not all. Readings are supposed to help the quorent with a question they want to ask or an answer they seek on how to fix something in their life and the one giving the reading is to use his or her ability to help them as they can since the quorent really believes in this work so much in so to ask another to help them. The psychic reader is knowing the problem is there by the quorent telling them that there is a problem and they will just have to trust in the person that they are giving a reading to. Often when I give readings my quorents do not tell me the problem they have, often I ask the questions and they respond with a yes or no and I tailor their readings based on the answers they give me in order to give them my own answer on what they should do. It could be anything. Love, family, home, etc.

You are no "special snowflake" here just because you might be "older" and deal with what you think are "better psychic abilities."

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Re: Psychics (sort of) :)
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Oohhh aren't you two precious? This post is in regard to helping misguided children to actually use the gifts they have...but if you read it that way there would be no portal to your moral outrage. Get over yourselves. Your prudish ways are offensive, and I mean that to offend you. Pitiful. I can have a more productive and enlightening conversation with one of the kids I'm talking about than you. What makes up for it? The fact that quite a few young ones sent messages with gratitude that someone showed an interest in helping them develop and grow than wasting their time on half of the rubbish on this site that encourages a ridiculous outlook. People like you can't, and as such you can't even teach. That's a shame. Untwist your panties and grow up...snowflake.
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