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Post # 1
someone mailed me about "Fluf" in my page but i dont know what that is, anyone care to explain?

Re: Fluf?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Your profile gives your location as "under the hill".Then you list your abilities; such as shapeshifting, and "Acquakinesis". That is Fluff! Claiming to be able to do the impossible. You are very young, and you have the fantasies of the very young. And that's fine! But,read and study, and as you get older, you will start to learn what is possible in magic, and what is not! Then you, too, will giggle at somebody who wants to be a Mermaid!

Re: Fluf?
Post # 3
you do relize that the shapeshifting is a simple matter of changing the color of my skin, eyes, and hair by disturbing the chimical composition of my cells. and almost any elemental mage you ask will have varying forms of aquakenisis

Re: Fluf?
Post # 4

Which is all fluff.

You cannot change any aspect of your body with magic.

Neither can you control the elements.

It's impossible.

Consider this a reality check.

Re: Fluf?
Post # 5
Umm no, you too seem to not know what shapeshifting is. Bryson does realize, what extent of magic is possible. He is an elder witch,(wise man/woman) to me. Sorry, if that seems rude. He is very respected on SoM, and a helpful person.

First off, you can't do the impossible. It's not in anyway, a ability. What your doing, or (claiming) to do, is referred to as fluff! So, what is fluff, you may ask? Well here are some examples.

*Claiming to be something/someone your not. Ex: (bird, fairie, truck, vampire, and oh my, a mermaid! ect)

*Claiming to do the impossiple. Ex: (killing someone from a spell, eye changing, flying, skin color, ect)

*Having little sense of knowledgge on the craft, arguing that your right, ect.

And the list goes on! I suggest to learn the basics of magic. Try reading, the posts in the about magic, section. Ground, visualize, and learn.

Questions? Feel free to message me.

Re: Fluf?
Post # 6
Otherwise make a youtube film of you showing how you change your cells by magic and post it online! You will become very rich and famous as you would be the only human being who is able to do it...

Re: Fluf?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Study. Magic is energy, it effects energy, this is not the movies. You can go around saying this nonsense if you wish, but you won't be on this site for long since this is for real magic and there's rules against role playing.

Re: Fluf?
Post # 8
Knock yourself out by trying to shapeshift or go against physics laws if you are so stubborn, we are just trying to help you and save your time :)

Re: Fluf?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9

Making false claims about magical abilities that do not exist in the real-world is considered role-playing and is a violation of the terms of service of this site.

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