energy attracting daily

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energy attracting daily
Post # 1
I don't know what you would call this exactly, energy attracting?

I cut in line, clear roads or when I'm at a crowded bar I open up the way and get in front by visualizing white or red light opening up the way and people just start moving without me physically moving them. I've gotten really good at this, but sometimes I try to sit someone next to me at a bar so I can talk to him, I do this by visualizing sparkling light where I want the person to sit but often times I get someone close to what I asked but not the person I requested right at the seat I put the light on. Like last weekend I wanted to talk to a tall long haired guy at the bar, instead I got someone that looked a bit like him but not the guy I had my eye on lol.

Any suggestions on perfecting this? Does anyone else do this? What would this be called?
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Re: energy attracting daily
Post # 2

Not sure what that would be called. BUt that is awesome :) some people seem to be naturally good at pushing out their energy/thoughts/desires and getting things to go their way. Some would call it coincedence but one of my friends has done this a lot. I take it you are really good at visualization and focus?

In "The Secret" they teach that we get out of life what we focus on and put into it. The universe listens to our wishes and directs that energy back at us. But it does not always turn out the way one would want. For instance, if you focus on "why won't this person move so I can get through?" the universe is only directing that negative thought pattern back. But focusing on "this person needs to move so I can get through" would direct back the thought of that person moving, and influnence them in this way energetically.

Not sure if that makes sense or really has anything to do with what you are speaking of, lol.

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