seeing things

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seeing things
Post # 1
Hello. I am new here, a person I speak to frequently told me about this place. So I thought I would give this a shout out here maybe I can get some answers here. I recently went blind and for all intense and purpose I am seeing stuff that I did not before please could some one offer some advice or guidance or maybe just tell me I am a crazy person.?
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Re: seeing things
By: / Novice
Post # 2

You are not a crazy person. It sound to me like visual release hallucinations (Charles Bonnet syndrome) it's a reasonably common response in someone that has recently lost a significant proportion of their sight that the brain kind of fills in the blanks. I can't give many details I'm afraid but a doctor, optician or opthamologist should be able to help. I would rest assured though that it is a mentally healthy response and related entirely to the mechanisms of the human body and nothing supernatural or abnormal.

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Re: seeing things
Post # 3
I covered that Base. I went to my doc I don't have anything like that I thought it could be the fact that my eye was picking up light and it bouncing around. But it is not. I wish it was they could give me more eyedropper otherwise. Thanks for the response though.
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Re: seeing things
By: / Novice
Post # 4

CBS is not a fault in the eye but (is thought to be) in the lack of nerve impulses received by the brain and thus the mind literally inventing these images to try and fill in the blanks of what it perceives it is lacking. I can say with relative certainty that this isn't a spiritual mater and would recommend talking to a medical professional directly about CBS, the timing seems far too circumstantial to not be related. Bare in mind that there is no diagnostic test for the syndrome but it is rather identified by the symptoms. As you have stated that you have recently lost a significant portion of your vision, perceive regular hallucinations, are aware they are not real and (I'm assuming) are free from any previous mental illness, that is sufficient diagnosis for CBS. It is not possible for a doctor to say you are not suffering from it unless they have identified another cause for the hallucinations. I am relatively confident that the issue is not a spiritual or magical occurrence.

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