Aegir and Ran Question

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Aegir and Ran Question
Post # 1
Question # 1

I'm not old enough to buy alcohol and tried sneaking some from my dad but got into trouble. I'm turning 20 this year though and the age limit to buy booze is 21 where I live. Should I wait till I get older to work with him or what? Is their any other type of offerings I could give him that could please him.

Question # 2

If I cant work work with him is it ok if I just work with Ran? I feel kinda of close to her and she seems much more is easier to please, if that is true that is. Also I have some chocolate gold coins and I cant afford jewelry until next month when I get paid. I know she fancy's gold so I hope she is ok with the chocolate coins.

Question #3

Do Sea Etins eat and drink sea salt and natural water, like from a pond or something? I saw in one of my books that you can offer sea salt to them and I think natural water.

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Re: Aegir and Ran Question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

It's all natural water, really, but since they are from the sea, I would suggest salt water. The gold coins are more for passage into Ran's Hall upon death at sea (Ran is cited using a net to drown sailors, so she's not exactly the kind of person who you walk up to and say "Hi").

Aegir, however, is much more hospitable and while you don't need alcohol (which I advise against trying to procure before you're of legal drinking age), you can use baked goods, fruit drinks, milk, and some people like to use coffee in place of alcohol. The idea with Aegir is that he hosts parties, so when giving him offerings, make him feel like he's attending one wherever your altar is.

Personally, I find Aegir would like the chocolate coins more, but a safe bet is using them as an offering to both of them. If you want to work with both of them, a good idea is to honor their nine daughters as well. When I was in an indoor pool with windows during a storm, I would create waves and I felt their presence. It was a rather invigorating experience.

Keep in mind that you don't need physical offerings when you work with the deities (though if you have them, use them) as a lot of Jotnar like actions as offerings. Ran isn't mean, but she's also not for everyone to work with. Aegir also does not like it if you insult Ran in any way. I've not worked with her personally, so I can't offer good advice on how to work with her except to direct you to one of her shrines online (the link is for all of them).

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Re: Aegir and Ran Question
Post # 3
I live by the ocean but its not a walking distance I need a bus, I'm not saying im lazy, but lets just say I have mother issues who wont let me go by myself. She is afraid of my health issues that something bad might happen when im all by myself. She worries alot so I cant go the ocean when needed. Is it ok if I add sea salt and water in their cup for an offering, because I have that
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Re: Aegir and Ran Question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

You could add sea salt to water, but if you have a chance to go get the salt water from a natural source, then you may want to stock up by collecting a jug of it (empty jugs can be bought at general stores, typically).

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Re: Aegir and Ran Question
Post # 5
Thanks :)
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