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Another new one
Post # 1
So considering that I joined this site a few minutes ago I guess that makes me a few minutes old on this site lol, anyways just saying hello to everyone and hope we can all get along. If anyone wants to check out my bio go right ahead, I kinda just started this thread to say hello and am searching for friends and people who also have similar interests and such. Also if your willing drop a book tittle for me, anything goes I love learning new things and reading.

To all the people on this site, may you find success, joy, and accomplishment in your path and thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Re: Another new one
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Merry Meet.

I know you said 'anything goes' but do you mind narrowing it down a little? How long have you been studying? Wouldn't want to be given a bunch of beginners books if you've studied for 10 years. Also, someone might give you great books on Voodoo when you practice Wicca. Take care.
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Re: Another new one
Post # 3
Hello Nekoshema, I've been been studing for about eight years(with a few breaks in between) and haven't actually peformed any big spells an such. As for "narrowing it down", I guess anything things with chi and energy manipulation and things that have to do with spirits are good. Actually if there is such a thing as an book that lists different paths and practices I'd be very interested in it! And thanks for replying!
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Re: Another new one
Post # 4
Welcome to SoM! I hope you'll get on well here :) message me if you ever need help or want to chat ^_^
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Re: Another new one
Post # 5
Thanks Lurasanctum! And seriously, if anyone feels like throwing a book at a newcomer please throw! I believe knowledge is the greatest thing on earth and to learn is to grow, and since they say we never stop growing that means we never stop learning new things, yay! And to narrow the book search even more for energy manipulation I guess I meant things like healing and streams thing ones body. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this!
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