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Post # 1
Hey guys, so I was wondering what some good herbs were for banishing (or at least calming down) negative spirits/energies in a household?
For things like herb satchels or burning. My family's been dealing with these "bad" spirits for a while now and we've all agreed we'd like the negativity to just, well, get out.
Also, anything for the problem that I could grow myself fairly easily would be extremely wonderful. I have trouble finding fresh herbs around, at the store or in nature.
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Re: Spirits
Post # 2
The most common and readily available would probably be sage and rosemary. Though you could add Garlic, myrrh, frankincense, cactus and thistle to that list. There are more, but most of these are pretty common, effective and easy to obtain.

Hope that helps.

For more info you could always research various herbal tables of correspondences. A quick google search regarding the magickal or spiritual properties of herbs will yield you more results than you can shake a stick at.
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Re: Spirits
Post # 3

Sage is an all around good herb to burn when cleansing. Angelic root can also be used, when placed above doorways.

If you place salt around the border of your home after cleansing, it will ward off any spirits or negativity. I normally burn my sage while saying a prayer of sorts, and "border" my windows and doors, and lay salt at the entry way of my door, as well as in my only windowsill.

Here's a simple "spell" to cleanse the home, with sage.


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Re: Spirits
Post # 4
I always have sage usually growing and dried for burning. And Palo Santo Wood has a great aroma and is spiritually cleansing. I use it and I burn Frankincense, too. Also you may want to grow snapdragon out in front of your home and/or in pots inside and by the door.

I have used fennel and dill in home protection sachets. All the homes I used them in did fine. I noticed that they are a basic ingredient in a spirit depart incense recipe that I have, too.

I have not tried nor needed that recipe yet.

I did use patchouli in a recipe to not only call spirits using a spirit incense as instructions indicated while placing the patchouli on the log with the incense. I think that the patchouli was called for in the recipe as protection from the spirits to keep them at bay, but that recipe states to burn asafoetida or frankincense to be rid of them. I did use the patchouly.

I am a rock and plant person myself so I am suggesting that you use some crystals and rocks in your home as well. Smokey Quartz, Obsidian are my favorites for absorbing negativity both spiritual and physical.
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Re: Spirits
Post # 5
If you use sage, try using something other than white sage. It's starting to become endangered from overuse. However, any sage is a great thing to use.
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Re: Spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 6
White sage endangered? Since when? People all over are growing it in their gardens, including me.
But anyway, smudging with sage seems to work great for me. I use feathers to spread the smoke, and made a chant for each time I've done it. You can make your own, or use something like, "Negative is not welcome in my home. Be gone! As I cleanse this space, so shall it be done. As I cleanse, you are banished from me. As I will it, so mote it be." Then put up a protection of your choice. I use crystals in my windows. Hope this helps you. Blessed be...
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