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Forums -> Wicca -> religion

Post # 1
should i only worship jesus or lupa ( the wolf/moon goddess) or both
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Re: religion
Post # 2
you can who ever you find a good relation with

honestly, I never worship any of the gods as I do not find it worth it
so I only study about them
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Re: religion
By: / Novice
Post # 3
What's your religion? That should have your answer. If you're Eclectic Wiccan, yes, you could worship both. If you're Christian and want to be Wiccan or follow witchcraft, it's a grey area really, do what feels right to you. While Wicca is flexible Christianity isn't. In the commandments, you can only worship 'God' so you couldn't worship Lupa. The bible also has some passages against magick/witchcraft and historically Christians and Pagans didn't get along very well. But, there are Christian Wiccans so it's possible.

If you want to cast spells but be Christian, you can, witchcraft and magick can be practiced by anyone. Basically do some soul searching and draw your own conclusions.
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Re: religion
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

As Nekoshema said, it really depend on which religion you are trying to follow.

But I will disagree with her statement that one can be Christian Wiccan. In my personal opinion one cannot blend the two practices or the Gods of Christianity and the Gods/Goddesses of Wicca, they are simply too dissimilar. One can borrow a bit from one and a bit from the other, but what you have when you are done is no longer within the rules of Christianity, and it certainly isn't Wicca.

But that doesn't seem to be your question. You asked whether you should worship only Jesus or Lupa or both. The only person who can truly answer that question is yourself. If you feel called to honor both, one or the other, or neither is entirely up to you and your own beliefs and feelings. None of us can make that decision for you, nor should we try. Search your own heart and your own feelings and then go with that.

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Re: religion
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
You can worship or do anything you want if you're happy with. Where you run into problems is when you label yourself. If you go around kicking puppies but insist you're Wiccan people will argue with you. Do what you feel is best for you. Don't stand up and proclaim you're a witch when you haven't done any soul searching. Questions like this one can't be answered by us, you can take the advice provided on this thread, but you need to reflect and make your choice.
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