Norse week days

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Norse week days
Post # 1

A lot of people know that the days of the week come from a relation to the norse and germanic deities and the days of the week, but moast people ive found only know the meaning of thrusday as "thors day" so i thought id post this which i got form an angelfire website that i trust, i hope its of interest.

Sunday --associated with the god Balder. Named after the planetary body also associated with the day: the Sun ("Sun Day").

Monday --associated with the goddess Frigga. Named after the planetary body also associated with the day: the Moon ("Moon Day").

Tuesday --associated with the god Tyr. Named after Tyr's Old English name, Tiu ("Tiu's Day").

Wednesday--associated with the god Odin. Named after Odin's Germanic name, Wodan ("Wodan's Day").

Thursday --associated with the god Thor, and named after him ("Thor's Day").

Friday --associated with the goddess Freya, and named after her ("Freya's Day"). Some sources claim this day is instead associated with Frigga, which attests to some of the confusion people have between these two goddesses.

Saturday --associated with the goddesses/cosmic personifications known as the Norns. Named after the planetary body alsoassociated with the day: Saturn ("Saturn's Day").

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Re: Norse week days
Post # 2
I've also seen Saturday associated with Loki and Ratatosk. They both seem pretty dubious to me, and to be honest I've never looked much into why Ratatosk. I do believe that the association with Saturday has a more Anglo-Saxon inspiration.

Personally, I just take Saturday to mean "washing day".
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Re: Norse week days
By: / Novice
Post # 3

It would be interesting to find out why Saturday might involve Ratatoskr as I've not ever heard of that.

Also, I've always seen people associate Sunday and Monday with the celestial deities, Sunna/Sol and Mani. Wether or not they were the inspiration for the names of the weekdays doesn't really matter to me unless someone were to claim that. I can't say I've ever seen Baldr and Frigga associated with those days, however.

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