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Post # 1
Any suggestions for the native way of skin walking.? I need a good ceremony. Any help will be greatfull

Re: skinwalking
Post # 2

You can't turn into any animal as you wish, dear. This isn't Supernatural.

You are human :)

Re: skinwalking
Post # 3
Actually I have changed physical form. I am simply wanting this for a different less painful way of doing the same thing. I can't find one anywhere. My original spell is from my families book.

Re: skinwalking
Post # 4
Sorry, but you really can't change your physical form. If you truly believe that you have done so, I would recommend some psychiatric help.

Re: skinwalking
By: / Novice
Post # 5
You can not change your physical form although skin walking has come in many shamanistic practices more be more akin to a mental transformation. I know a great many individuals that have achieved "skin-walking" through an altered states, astral work, meditation and study. It takes quite a lot of effort and it's not really a process I feel comfortable enough with to describe in any great detail. The idea of it however is to get further inside the head space of the animal you're working with, obviously you won't become an animal and you won't develop animal based abilities, sorry no super senses or flight are going to happen. This isn't to say though that you don't notice them more though, for example if working with a wolf you may start to pay more attention to smells around you and thus notice them more, however at no point would you nose even begin to rival that of the wolf's.

If you want to get into it I suggest looking up and contacting a few of the more experienced Shamans on the site. Most members of The Path of the Shaman would seem like a good fit and if I remember correctly, it's been a while, Personified is a good person to talk to about altered states and such things.

Re: skinwalking
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6 have not. This site is not for Role Play. If you truely believe such fantasy then you need to seek out a mental health professional.

Re: skinwalking
Post # 7
Like I said, I have altered my physical form. If you think its impossible them maybe it is for you. However, since my grandfather still does and is the one that taught me, its not impossible at all for us. Now, physical transformation, is still believed in by the Navajo due to all the attacks and people caught by them. Since im Cherokee, we have our own beliefs. We don't think its evil like the Navajo, its an art that you must unlock in the astral plane first the afterwards you can change here. Its a painful transition. Any way, on that note, how can I make it less painful? Even if you don't believe me, sew if you can come up with a way this wouldnt hurt .

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