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Post # 1
So, in the exploration of Buddhism, Hinduism and Tibetan culture, I'd thought I'd tackle Mantras first.

This article has to do with Buddhism.

So what are Mantras?

Mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

Now, in my personal opinion, so far, mantras have helped me go into light trances. That's about all I have in experience with mantras!

Here are some mantras I found on

Om Mani Padme Hum

This mantra means," Hail the jewel in the lotus" . It is the mantra of compassion, and also invokes the attention and blessings of Chenrezig who is the embodiment of compassion. Chenrezing is a healing deity.

Here is where you can listen to this mantra

Here are some links to the Buddhist deity, Chenrezig.

Om muni muni mahamuni shakyamuniye svaha

There's actually a longer version of this mantra with alot of accented words and stuff. You can look at it in the first link I listed in the article.

This Mantra means,Om wise one, wise one, great wise one, to the wise one of the Shakyanshail!

Here is where you can listen to this mantra

Shakyanshail is Shakyanmuni in daitive form. This mantra has to do with the Buddha, Shakyanmuni. Here's an article of a general overview of him.

Om Amideva Hrih

This is the mantra that protects you from dangers and obstacles. It is also said to enhance compassion and loving nature.

Here is where you can listen to this mantra

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punya Jnana Pustim Kuru Svaha

This is by far one of my favorites due to the song of this mantra which can be found here

This mantra is said to be associated with long life. It is usually chanted with someone in mind. This is also the mantra of Sitatara (or commonly known as Tara) who is another Buddhist embodiement of compassion. More on Sitatara can be found here:

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

This mantra is often used to overcome difficult blocks such as failing relationships, hard times and other burdens of life. When chanting this mantra, imagine letting go of all your worries and bring the energy back into yourself.

Here is where you can listen to this mantra:

Tayata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha BeKanze Radza Samudgate Soha

This mantra is recited for successes. It can help you eliminated unhappiness and other negative feelings that you may hold within you.

You can listen to this mantra here:

Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih

For some odd reason, the mp3 page for this mantra went 404, so I found a youtube video where you can listen to it. This is also another favorite of mine.

This mantra is said to help improve skils in memory, debate, writing, and other literary abilities.

Om Vajrapani Hum

This mantra centers around the Bodhisavatta, Vajrapani. He represents the enlightened mind.Vajrapanis mantra is simply his name, which means wielder of the thunderbolt, framed between the mystical syllables Om and Hm. This mantra helps us to gain access to the irrepressible energy that Vajrapani symbolizes. A familiarity with Vajrapani does, of course, help here, although the sound of the mantra is itself rather energetic.

Here is where you can listen to this mantra
I hope you enjoyed this article and I look forward to writing more!

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Re: Mantras
Post # 2
A little simplified.
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Re: Mantras
Post # 3
I know each one of these and many more.

But,I do tell. Each time you chant the mantra, you are giving praise to the Buddha or Buddha to be. Then, the Buddhist law apply to you.
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Re: Mantras
Post # 4
What about matra for success

Mantra for invocation a goddesses

Mantra for happiness

And many others.
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Re: Mantras
Post # 5
Mantra should be recited with careful pronouncement,and if done well,they work like miracle,My patron God/dess are Hekate & Shiv thus I practice and follow many mantra and Tantra including Tantra also (Hindu mostly) Thus Except for meditation aid My personal experience is very fruitful,They work wonders specially because of the seed sound mantra attached to them, Like universal Om , doom , kra, Krim etc they resonant with different deities like for protection and courage I would use Doom ,which is the seed mantra of Adi shakti (Goddess Durga) Plus when I added it with meditation,before my public speech, I was like Mr. Confident lol So like this I have many experiences with seed mantra as well as other, I love using mantras.. Main thing that I learned is vibrate/resonant with the sound and see the wonder of vibration.

For those Interested in chakras,I highly recommend listening or chanting Chakra seed mantra like Lam,Vam,Ram,yam,Ham,Om,Aum

My best experience in chakra work is by chanting these rather than any other method,but then it's matter of your faith and belief.
Blessed Be.
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