Help with ritual

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Help with ritual
Post # 1

Hey Guys,

So my new beginings ritual kit arrived from the SoM storage unit from Calgury today, flew all the way over to the Uk and arrived at my address in under 14 days!! For united states postal service and the time expected it well exeeded it promises.

Not only that I was very impressed with how neatly it was packadged and just how much care had been taken in preparing my items. But I need some help and guidance with this spell, as it is the first time I'm actually casting!

It says in the instructions to light a fire, however I live in a student house with sensitive smoke alarms so I know I'll have to perfrom this outside, also it says to prepare two bolws for each her (as there are two hers in the kit). Then it says prepare another bowl for the coals to go in, but im not sure if you just sprinkle the herbs on as and when instructed or whether you put all of it on and let it burn through.

Appart from that the instructions are very clear about what to do, mainly I am praying and wishing for spiritual growth in this new begining as I have just joined a coven and started learnign magic for real, also because it's just after the full moon, it's the perfect time to banish past negativity as the moons radience isn't as powerful nor closer to the past as it was just before the full moon.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

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Re: Help with ritual
Post # 2
My on. Only comment is, if you put all the herbs on at once, it may smother the fire and be put out. Sprinkle the herbs on, and if you feel the need to, add more. Follow the instructions, or better, memorize what to do so you won't have to keep awkwardly looking back on your paper, lol. Good luck!
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Re: Help with ritual
Post # 3

Good point, cheers Zeusy!

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