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Pesky Spirit
Post # 1
I currently find myself facing a drawn out situation and hoping to bring it to an end. But let's begin with the back story of my dilemma. 8 years ago I was living with two of my friends in a small apartment in Washington Missouri. It was a bit of a strange place to say, especially after we set an audio digital recorder in our new apartment before moving. After analyzing the contents, we found many unexplainable sounds and noises. One of which was a direct breath into the microphone, it sounded right in your ear when you listened to the recording. So one day, quite sometime after we moved in, one of my room mates had bought a Oujia board and requested I try it with her. Our other friend, her fiance', was not interested in such things and she stated that I was probably the most spiritual out of all of us. At first I refused, I had heard such terrible things about those who had used them before. But she continued to try to convince me, and eventually I decided to say yes. I thought to myself, " Nothing is probably gonna happen, she is way too off the wall with energy to focus and actually get it to work." We began our first session in the fields behind our complex. The first 10 minutes held no responses and it was getting cold out. Just as we were discussing whether or not we should pack it up, the planchette finally began to tremor. I asked her if she did this, knowing she wasn't ready to give up yet. She said she didn't and I had no reason not to trust her so we continued on in our inquiries of the otherworld. It stated there were 7 people in total around us, and the one person we requested to represent the group in discussion had urgently told us to stop what we were doing. We heeded the warning and walked back home, resolving to never do it again. But the board called to us again, living up to the term associated with it. It is called "progressive entrapment", and it's definitely real. Or at least it was to me. We decided to get back on in our apartment this time. We were so curious to know who was living with us. It started off well, we gained significant contact with a man. He gave us his name, his children's names, his wife's name, etc. etc. and so on. He had asked us to put a white rose on his grave, even told us which graveyard. But to no avail did we find it, and it directed our search to the city records office. Here, we scoured the obituaries of the year and month he had told us. We found no such person. We had even searched in the years prior to and after the specific date we were given and yielded no results. It then began to be clear that we were speaking to someone or something we didn't know. There were inconsistancies in the stories he told us; of course this was unknown to us because of being blinded by the excitement of contacting real spirits. We returned to the board, this time with our friend who had no interest at first. He sternly questioned the unknown spirit, and received brutally honest answers. They were intentionally rude and meant to hurt feelings and make us uncomfortable. The most frightening part was that it only spoke sweetly of me. It would always spell my name out when we returned to the board each time. After some aggressive back and forth we finally got a straight answer as to why this was. It replied, "You're easy." Which we then figured out that it meant in a spiritual way, that I was the perfect key to being ever present. It claimed it would use me to hurt my friends, this was our last straw. We closed the board and spent the rest of the evening talking to one another to find logic and comfort. We decided to leave it alone again, never to touch it. It beckoned us once more and like fools we responded. This time we resolved to leave myself off the board and just sit away and write down everything said. It still asked for me even though I was not touching the board. The rest of the responses came without any questions before them, and were acidic with profanity and hate. It threatened our souls, and mocked us before we finally closed the board for good. Progressive entrapment still had us in it's snare though, but it was years later. I had since moved out of state to North Carolina to live with family and my friends had remained in Missouri. One night as I got into my car to go to the store, I felt strange before leaving my driveway. I looked down and saw the low tire indicator lit up. I thought this to be strange as I had just driven it a bit ago and it was fine. Also, upon inspection of my tires I found nothing to indicate a low tire. So I drove on and made my way to WalMart only to blow a tire while on the highway. After my sister and her fiance at the time came and helped me out, I returned home and the thought to the cause of this came to my mind. I instantly called my friend after not having spoken for some time, and immediately asked her if she had opened the board again. She told me that her new room mate was curious to try and so they did open it. The spirit had been released and I felt that it had struck out at me. Another occurance followed my incident, this time with my friend. I had given her a black onyx ring for her birthday one year, it had a thicker band around it. She told me that it cracked and shattered inexplicably one night. We once again put the board to rest and vowed never to open it. But my friends' new room mate was curious, and could not help but want to come back to it. I'll skip most of that story, but the main point is that this room mate would eventually release this thing again just recently we suspect. My friend is having the same things that happened last time to her, once again happen. I am seeking advice from any who have read this far and may have helpful first hand experience and therefore advice to pass my way. I have a few ideas in mind, such as maybe trying to find a way to banish the spirit? Or our other idea is to create blessed water by the Goddess and God to sprinkle on the board whilst cutting it into 7 different pieces to be buried in a place where no one will disturb it. If anyone has a better plan I would be indebted to you if it succeeds, and gladly welcome any form of helpful tips.

Thank you and bright blessings!
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Re: Pesky Spirit
Post # 2

Burn some sage around your home. Sage is used for cleansing any and all negative energies.

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Re: Pesky Spirit
Post # 3
Destroying the board will put an end to it for sure, but i think you have to burn it after breaking it into pieces, then bury it? I'm not sure about the processes but destroying the board works if done correctly.
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Re: Pesky Spirit
Post # 4
Take the board outside, somewhere you can have privacy and are able to light a small fire. Draw a circle with a pentagram on the ground, large enough to build a small fire inside. Rip the board into several pieces. Build a small pyre of kindling (if you can find or obtain sticks or branches from a wood known for protection and purification, this would be ideal. i.e. White Oak, etc. Google search would give you several options.) Once the fire is burning, add the board to the fire, along with anything else associated with it. (planchette, box if there is one, any notes that may have been taken during communication) And as it burns, focus the entirety of your willpower on banishing the energies connected to the board. It helps if you have a fairly developed sense of energy sense, and visualization. As the board burns, you want to see, FEEL, the energetic ties of the board dissolving. And as they do so, feel the influence of the spirits being driven away from you as a shadow fleeing before a bright light. The stronger your will here, the more effective the banishment. Words of affirmation never hurt either. Something along the lines of how you banish any and all energies connected to the board, and bid them to depart without delay, back from whence they come. Make it clear they are not welcome, and will them away.

Sage, myrrh, frankincense, rosemary, makes for a very potent and easily obtainable mixture for incense/tinctures for banishment/exorcism/purification. Would definitely advise making or obtaining some, and smudging or sprinkling your home after destroying the board would be highly adviseable.
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Re: Pesky Spirit
Post # 5
1. NEVER Play with it for fun! the results of that aren't pretty. There's a change of being injured or death as a result of not using it correctly.
2. NEVER EVER! burn the board as it will result in the board to scream and you are still contacting the spirit which then the spirit(s) will find this disrespectful.
3. NEVER use a board in your home or anyone elses, that is where you/others are to rest.
4. To destory a board by cutting or tearing it into 7 pieces sprinkle holy water and bury it (never burn it!) the portal will close with 36 - 48 hrs at least!
5. NEVER use the board during a thunderstorm, as the spirit world is at its top peak. The results aren't pretty if you/others aren't protected!
6. NEVER use one when you/or others are drunk or ill. Due to they will fall victim of being possessed.
7. Using the board be cross legged and have knees touching if not the you will release the spirit. DONT USE ON A TABLE.
8. NEVER play alone!
9. ALWAYS! speak/be polite to the spirit NO questions ask!
10. NEVER as stupid questions such as 'When Will I Die?', keep in mind either if you know the spirit or not spirits can lie
11. NEVER ask spirit 'Whats Hell Like' and etc nor ask it to prove it!
12. NEVER talk while the season is going! this will confuse the spirit and the season must end.
13. ALWAYS say goodbye.
14. If the pick goes anti-clockwise its negative.
15. NEVER EVER! Talk to a spirit named Zozo or Zizi.
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Re: Pesky Spirit
Post # 6
I agree with Strawberry,it would be better if you don't burn it

Also if you ever play ouija,cast a protection spell on yourself and others and always play with white candles,also play with lights off as it can hurt the spirit!

And my best advice is that people stop fooling around with this stuff,people have died because of the board!I,myself will never play with one

Playing games where one invokes a "random" spirit is bound to have someone harmed if not killed and will always have negative consequences!

I hope that the spirit leaves you alone
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