was this a spell or not?

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was this a spell or not?
Post # 1
Hi all! I hope this is Ok to post, Please can anyone help me advise a friend, I am new and still exploring and cannot find a conclusive answer to a question that is really bothering a dear friend. Ok, here's the basic background: my friend found a card apparently hidden amongst clothing in the closet when he was searching for a favorite top of his, his partners' a practicing witch and had been for many years, the card was a very obvious pagan/wiccan scantily clad sexy female on the front; (you know, the sort you wouldn't give to your uncle or nephew or son sort of card) it was addressed to a man including his private home address, ready to be posted. It was unsealed so being curious and not recognising the name, he looked inside. all There was written in what he described as pink or lavender colour ink, a well known quote 'remember the little things because one day you'll realise they were the big things, and left unsigned by her except for a smiley face. When he asked her about it, she said she had written it to get her own back at him after losing an argument with him some 2 months previously, and she swore she didn't know this man at all socially or personally...he was just her dentist,.. . My friend has been plagued ever since with worry. He turned to me for advice knowing I am looking into the craft, he thought I'd know the answer, he asked is it possible she could send a love/ come to me spell to this man this way? Someone she may be attracted to, or once maybe had a relationship. Or was she telling the truth? I don't know what to say to him. He's worried to death he may be losing her. She won't elaborate on the subject at all. So my question is; can you send a spell through the post like that? In that sort of format? I've never come across it. Or was it just a crazy random thing to do just to secretly 'get your own back'?
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Re: was this a spell or not?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I don't know what you mean by the photo, but if I were you I would tell your friend to trust his girlfriend. Drop the issue, unless there's more signs of infidelity.

You can give someone a spell/curse. There are many methods, some are personalized for that one person, others can curse anyone it comes in contact with. If this is a spell, it's plausible to mail it. It could also be a way for her to release feelings. [Write a letter and not send it.]

Either way, benefit of the doubt, if he's worried he should try showing her how much he cares. [I'm not saying buy a ring or that he doesn't treat her right, but we get comfortable in our relationships and can forget little surprises can mean big things]
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