Am I turning?

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Am I turning?
Post # 1
Ok so am I turning into a werewolf? I have some symptoms shared by salmonella and werewolf ism like nausea muscle aches and stuff like that which it could be salmonella because I ate raw cookie dough the other night but it my other symptoms that have me wondering like my bones will hurt like pain is pushing through my bones and I'm always hungry and when I feel strong emotions or try my veins will pop up on the tops of my hands and feet and my palms (they don't usually do this) will have like blue/black/dark purple blood flowing all over and I find my self growling and snarling at things even bad guys on tv! Am I turning?

Re: Am I turning?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
No, you cannot turn into a werewolf for two reasons; you cannot change your DNA, so you will always be human; and werewolves do not exist.

Re: Am I turning?
Post # 3
Hey I just want support if your gonna say they don't exist and I can't become one please don't reply I know people who have used spells to become werewolves and they worked so I just want answers to my signs thank you

Re: Am I turning?
Post # 4

The placebo effect. If you believe in something strongly enough, the mind can actually make your body exhibit symptoms, and things that you believe go along with the belief.

Magic and spells will not make you a werewolf, and if you have salmonella symptoms you need to get yourself to see a doctor.
As for everything else, sound just like normal body reactions to anger and other strong emotions. Teenage hormones and all that.

Re: Am I turning?
Post # 5
Well those symptoms and the fact that I have a lot better sense of smell like amazing and I can hear amazing as well and why is my blood showing black when I feel strong emotions?

Re: Am I turning?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
You ask 'am I turning into a werewolf' don't get mad if we answer your question because it's not what you want to hear. The answer is a resounding no. Magick that real witches use is nothing like the magic in movies. Real magick is utilizing energy in nature to help you when you need it [like your car breaks down and you need money to fix it or your child is sick and you want to help heal them quicker] it does not effect the physical so something like becoming a werewolf will never happen. These symptoms are either placebos or, as you said, salmonella, go to a doctor to be sure.

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