Need truth and peace.

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Need truth and peace.
Post # 1
I have been in a relationship for 3 years. I have no proof but something is being hidden . If I'm being cheated on I want to know, or whatever it is bc I don't want to waste my time or feelings . Please help. Thank you
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Re: Need truth and peace.
Post # 2
Do you not know how much I hate empty profiles? It shows that you are not here for study and growth, but instead to fulfill your own need, and could abandon your account with a whim, if you do not find what you are seeking.

You sound only paranoid. And if you have spent 3 years on this relationship already and only now come to question it, I think you have already wasted your time and are growing restless. You are paranoid!

This is not a dating site, but I can give you helpful tips: -Your partner considers his phone very personal and will not allow you free access without him reviewing it (to make sure his messages are well hidden)

-They don't want your relationship public

-Your partner spends longer time on errands than usual

-Your partner is vague on his family and relationships
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Re: Need truth and peace.
Post # 3
Thank you for your honesty. Lol. You are partially right about me. I have religious beliefs that conflict with this forum and I could potentially be fired. I use to have premonitory dreams but I am blocked. My question stems from a situation that I don't want to repeat over. I also am scared of making the wrong move in regards to my child. I apologize if I affend you. I am not some fluffy person. I'd rather have the truth to explain a weird feeling that has been present lately but doesn't make sense in my current relationship...
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Re: Need truth and peace.
Post # 4
Children do come first, but there are times when you must focus on yourself aswell.

Is he/she a biological and steadfast parent to your child? You may already know that a divorce between you (if you are married) can allow the child rotations each week or weekend. I do think you should be honest about your feelings too, instead of hiding them. This may settle the conflict, in truth.
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