My shapeshifting spell

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My shapeshifting spell
Post # 1
It took a while to make this but I worked hard on it and did a lot of research, so I'd really appreciate it if you looked over this with an open mind. I haven't tried this so I don't know if it will work and I kinda believe in physical shapeshifting but I've never p-shifted and really want to. So please tell me help me make a really good shapeshifting spell so that if shapeshifting is possible, then this spell would work. Also, my friend helped me make it, so some credit goes to her, but she wishes to remain unnamed. Please look over this with an open mind ^^

Here it is:(warning: kinda long haha)

5 Candles: White, any colors you wish
List of reasons you wish to become an animal
At least one picture of your animal (as detailed as possible)
A small object/charm, preferably something connected to your animal
Something sharp and clean to prick your finger

This spell takes about a month to complete, so you must be patient. The first part is done on the full moon in a place (preferably outdoors) where the full moon light can shine on you. Make sure you have all your supplies close by and make sure your mind is clear and focused before doing the spell.
1. Create your circle out of rocks and set the candles at each point in whatever way you see fit, then sit in the middle.
2. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and concentrate on your animal form and how badly you wish to become it.
3. Open your eyes and take out your list of reasons you wish to be given the ability to shapeshift and the picture of your animal. Invoke the gods and goddesses that you wish to hear you and chant:
?Gods and goddesses, I wish from deep in my heart and soul to walk among the wild animals as one of their kind, where I feel I belong. I promise to protect Mother Nature at all costs and do as she asks of me, so long as she accepts me. I wish to become (insert animal here), no matter the pain, and live as a protector and guardian of those good and true. So mote it be.?
4. Concentrate on your animal and the reasons you wish to become that animal and the promises you have made to Mother Nature. Hold up your charm to the moonlight and chant:
?This charm shall be the seal of my promise to Mother Nature. I shall keep it with me always.?
5. Prick your finger and let your blood drip onto the charm. Hold up the white candle and let it drip onto your charm a few times, then let the charm sit in the moonlight while you meditate on your animal for as long as you like.
6. Once you?re done, put all the rocks back outside and go to sleep with the charm outside or just somewhere close to nature and in the moonlight. Think about your animal as much as possible and remember your promise.

The next days until the new moon, concentrate on negative things and direct all the negative energy into the charm until you have no negative energy left. Remember to meditate every single day and never forget your promise. It could help to write your promise down on a piece of paper that you?ll keep safe somewhere, or carve your promise into something like a tree or a piece of wood and keep it near your house or some place that is special to you and has a connection to your animal, like a forest.

On the night of the new moon, set up your circle of rocks again, preferably the same rocks as last time. This time you?ll need:
5 Candles: same colors as last time
List of reasons
Bowl of water
Picture of animal
Something sharp to prick your finger
Club Moss
Milk Thistle

1. Set up your candles and sit in the circle with your animal picture and list, and set the bowl in front of you with water in it and all of the herbs. Set your charm on the ground. If you?re inside, maybe put a little bit of dirt on the ground as a sort of ?bed? for the charm. Imagine the very last of your negative energies going into the charm until you?re completely clean and pure.
2. Chant your promise:
?Gods and goddesses, I wish from deep in my heart and soul to walk among the wild animals as one of their kind, where I feel I belong. I promise to protect Mother Nature at all costs and do as she asks of me, so long as she accepts me. I wish to become (insert animal here), no matter the pain, and live as a protector and guardian of those good and true. So mote it be.?
3. Say:
?Gods and Goddesses, Mother Nature, please hear me. Cleanse me of all things evil so that I will have a heart pure enough to become an animal just as I feel I belong. Take all the negative energy from my seal of the promise I have with Mother Nature so I may be free from evil.?
4. Lift up the charm, and as you do, imagine the negative energy flowing out from the charm and into the ground. Place the charm in the bowl and imagine more negative energy flowing from the charm and into the water surrounding it. Pour salt into the bowl, imagining the salt eating the negative energy and destroying it completely.
5. Read your list out loud. Once you?re finished, take your animal picture. Meditate on it for a while, remembering every single detail, then burn the picture, and put the ashes into the water.
6. Meditate a bit longer, however long you think you?ll need, then take your charm out of the water, then go outside if you?re not already outside.
7. Prick your finger and let blood drip onto your charm again, then let some drip onto the ground. Pour the water onto the ground and set the rocks from your circle onto where you poured the water. Imagine all the negative energy from you and the charm going away and disappearing completely, never to come back. Go inside and go to bed, and as you do, meditate, but this time with a clearer mind and think all positive thoughts.

For the rest of the days until the next full moon, continue to think positive thoughts. When you meditate each day, put all of your negative energy into your charm, then turn it into positive energy and let it flow back into you. Do this anytime you are feeling strong negative emotions.

Now for the last part of the spell. On the night of the full moon, gather your last ingredients and make a circle, but this time it will be made of salt to keep all negative energy away. Wear loose clothing or no clothes at all so that when you shift, you won?t get tangled in your clothes. Make sure your charm is on a necklace or something secure that will stay on you even after you shift to your animal form. It could help to take a cleansing bath before doing the spell.
DNA of your animal (as much as possible. If you can?t get this, use DNA of a similar animal. If you cannot obtain this either, use a picture or something to represent your animal)
Something to prick your finger
5 Candles: all white
Spoon or something to mix
Club Moss
Milk Thistle
1. Meditate inside your circle before doing the spell. Make sure you?re as calm and focused as possible, or it will not work.
2. Gather all the herbs and mix them in the bowl with the moon shining on you. As you mix, imagine shapeshifting into your animal. Prick your finger and add your blood, then put the animal DNA in the bowl too and continue mixing. When you?re done, pour salt in to cleanse the mixture.
3. Place your charm inside the bowl and chant:
?Gods and Goddesses, Mother Nature, I have done all that I can to prepare myself for this day. I am ready to accept my gift if you will give it to me. I have remembered my promise and intend to keep it. I will forever be your humble servant and brave and true protector. I shall defend you until my death. Please give me the power to do so.?
4. Read your list out loud and memorize it as much as you can, then set it aside.
5. Take your charm out of the bowl and place it where the moon will still shine on it, then smear the potion onto your skin as much as you can. It would be best not to put much on your face. Don?t let it get in your eyes or nose or mouth or any wounds. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, leave them out.
6. Breathe in the scent of the herbs and meditate for a while, imagining shapeshifting. You are not yet ready to shapeshift, though.
7. Take your list and burn it, then pour the ashes onto the ground outside along with the salt from your circle.
8. Sit outside or in the moonlight and meditate more, wearing your charm in some way that you won?t lose it once you shift. Stay calm and stay positive as you imagine shapeshifting into your animal. Imagine every single detail as best you can. If you don?t shapeshift right away, go to bed, but keep your charm with you as you sleep, and you will probably shift in your sleep. If you don?t shift, either you did something wrong, or Mother Nature has decided not to take up your offer.

Always keep your charm with you. If you lose it, Mother Nature will be angry and could take your shapeshifting power away from you until you make a new charm. You can take it off to take your shower or other things, as long as it?s temporary. Sleep with it on you or under your pillow. Continue to meditate every day and turn all of your negative energy into positive energy.

Re: My shapeshifting spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

You certainly put a lot of work into this spell.

Unfortunately there is no spell or magic that will permit you to shapeshift on the physical plane. Magic will not change you into another form or creature no matter how hard you try. You were already told this quite clearly in your other post on this subject.

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