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Neko Spell
Post # 1
So I have been doing a neko spell for about a week or two now and I have definitely seen some changes in my body.

About two days after doing the spell, I started meowing and I would have no control over it.

Then the next day, I started to crave milk. I decided that regular milk would not do for me, so I added cereal with it.

I finished a brand new, whole box of fruit loops in under 2 days. I ate it off before the rest of my family could eat it. :O

Two days after, the purring started on top of everything else.

Now about three days ago, after doing the spell again, I started to feel this weird pull on my lower back where a tail would go.

Now I kinda hurts a little but now I know for sure that this is working.

Today I traced my finger back because it felt itchy back there, only for my finger to stop.

There was a bump there.

Now I know the spell is most likely working, but I wanted to get all of you guy's opinion since I'm new here. :)

P.S: All of this happen because I was saying a specific Neko spell 6 times a day everyday for the week(s).

Re: Neko Spell
Post # 2
lol ha ha the funniest thing I have ever heard !

Re: Neko Spell
Post # 3
Hun, you efforts are for nothing. Spells can not, nor will ever be able to alter your DNA in any way. As for your "symptoms", its all in your head.

Re: Neko Spell
Post # 4
No. Its all in your head. You cannot become a Cat, you cannot change your DNA at all.

Re: Neko Spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
well i don't think its possible but it cant hurt to try, but lol seriously

Re: Neko Spell
Post # 6
This is just fluff... It's just a fluffy hair ball!
Magick only works with nature, it doesn't work with the plastic surgeons. DNA will always stay the same?even if you have any genotherapy, DNA replication, it always stays the same. When DNA changes, bad things happen. Such as a cell losing it's nucleus, cancer develops, and no longer stops growing.
This is considered roleplay. Maybe you haven't noticed yet, but roleplay is one of our forbidden qualities.

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