Demonkin/Half demon

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Demonkin/Half demon
Post # 1
How do i know if im demonkin or half demon. Are there any side effects that shall warn me. Or is there an age limit that the side effects will come at

Re: Demonkin/Half demon
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Side effects:
-you are constantly on tv
-you are in a science fiction show or a cartoon
and judging from your profile you are horrible at studying or lying about studying magic for one year or your idea of studying is watching supernatural on tv anyway remember this site is not for role playing and if you're not planing on practicing magic for real just do us a favor and quit now, sory if im mean im sick and in a foul mood

Re: Demonkin/Half demon
Post # 3
You are a human, that is all. It is impossible to be anything else.

That is how you know.

Re: Demonkin/Half demon
Post # 4
-insertjoke - you made my day :D:D:D

I am sorry Satanic, don't get insulted, but we are just humans. I can imagine it would be cool to have superpowers or additional body parts like wings, but it is impossible :) try astral project, they say - you can shape shift there or meet creatures ;)

Re: Demonkin/Half demon
Post # 5
Your not being mean. No one can ruin my day. I dont watch supernatural / i hate that show /. And i dont watch science fiction shows. Not my type of thing. And FYI im not horrable at studying magik.

Re: Demonkin/Half demon
Post # 6
just kidding

Re: Demonkin/Half demon
Post # 7
A otherkin is not a half demon.Your giving otherkins a bad rep.Like i said on the last forum you always want to feel special.A demonkin relates to a demon spiritually and mentally.

Re: Demonkin/Half demon
Post # 8
You don't have side effects nor symptoms.Look up what is a otherkin before you say anything we don't have symptoms.A demonkin would Like feel silent,and wouldn't want to feel special.All the demonkins i met don't resemble you one bit.Their are certain dergrees of otherkins.By just relating to a demon makes you otherkin.I would call myself a otherkin if I don't know it mean.

Re: Demonkin/Half demon
Post # 9
Otherkins are humans nothing special we all come from different places spiritually. (This is my belief)

Re: Demonkin/Half demon
Post # 10
Half demon is some TV show I heard about once. It may be a vidio game though, I don't really recall.
DemonKin is a person that is either born with a spiritual pull toward demons for one reason or another or has brought the essence of a demon into his or her spirit.
I also find a correlation between DemonKin and child abuse ware a parent makes a child think he or she is worthless and the devils child, but that's a personal belief not supported by the spiritual community.

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