White fluffy dog

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> White fluffy dog

White fluffy dog
Post # 1
I had this dream a little log ago but it still dwells within my thoughts. I remember coming home from school, feeling tired and drowsy. I decided to lay on the couch and relax. Apparently I was so relax that I wasn't aware that I fell asleep. I was awake before I laid down. Suddenly a white dog came from behind the couch, lots of fur and a nice bushy tail. Similar to wolf or fox perhaps, but it looked more canine to me. I noticed it but felt too relaxed to make any movement. The white dog then decided to jump up on the couch and lay beside me, curling up to sleep. As soon as it closed it's eyes, I woke up.

if anyone is willing to aid, could someone please help in interpreting this little dream? its been bugging me ever since.
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Re: White fluffy dog
Post # 2
Considering once it closed it's eyes you woke up, it could be your spirit animal or a guide.
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Re: White fluffy dog
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Wolves, foxes, and dogs are all considered canines and they have pretty distinct differences. As for your dream, we can only really ask you questions to help you help yourself. From what you've said, you were comfortable with the canine and the canine appeared comfortable enough with you to lay down where you did (my dog often did that when she was still alive. It was out of protectiveness and what looked like motherly tendencies, even though she never had pups. I was little when she was around).

When it comes to dreams, you can't automatically take them literally. What did you feel emotionally as the canine approached you? What do canines represent to you? You can explore the dream further by entering trance and calling the dream again or you can simply call the canine's presence again and ask it questions.

Since you said the dog was fluffy, I would suggest looking for longhair breeds and species of canine. Even if a breed or species is not naturally white, they can be born white through albinism and leucism. Since you said it looked like a wolf or a fox, I would look for breeds with long and thin muzzles with bushy tails and tall ears. A simple google search of these characteristics can start you finding out what kind of animal was in your dream.
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Re: White fluffy dog
Post # 4
I always interpret dreams step by step. The color white normally represents purity and innocents. I would guess since you said it was fluffy that it was friendly and dogs are know to be fierce but protectors. Like Elfie203 said it might have been a spirit guide.
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Re: White fluffy dog
Post # 5
Hi, I always start with this phrase - If you want to understand your dream - analyze your real life.
Someone wrote - it could be you meeting your spiritual animal or guide. If it contacts your again through dream or in astral - than it is.
But to me - his behavior was more like "Finally, now I can relax.." maybe in your real life you was dealing with some troubles and you just solved them finally. I you got answer you were searching for.
Or other interpretation that comes to my mind is that you have met someone in your life. Maybe you haven't even noticed jet - but that new person could be your "safe place".
Also, whenever we want every dream to be important and mysterious, sometimes they are not and our subconscious shows our true feelings - if lets say, you met a friendly dog in your friends house, this dream is just your wish to have a dog :)
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Re: White fluffy dog
Post # 6
From what I can remember it was just a regular day from school. I felt happy or just average but as soon as I made it home and simply "flopped" on the couch, I felt tired, sleepy, and relaxed. maybe it was the couch lol. My mind was drifting away or possibly blank. Either way I could feel myself slowly falling asleep then suddenly a medium sized dog ( I'd say possibly similar to a border collie) jump right up beside me.
Perhaps the theory of it resembling my emotion may be most accurate, also I've been wanting a new dog even though I already have two lol.
Thank you all for your generosity. If there are any others who have anymore suggestions in the topic feel free to join in.
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