make my own spell

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make my own spell
Post # 1
How do I go about creating my own spell? Techniques, or suggestions on how to go about it?
Do I have to inculde the rede An'it harm none and do what thou wilt
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Re: make my own spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

There are plenty of threads and articles speaking about making a spell in both complex and blunt ways. The bluntest way I have heard is to grab a writing utensil, something to write on, and write down your intention into some type of spell format.

If you would like to include it then you can. Not everyone believes and follows that rede but you can if you'd like.

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Re: make my own spell
Post # 3
Have a strong intentio,and work with the magical correspondences.Make the spell from the heart like poem.It doesn't have to be a poem just easier to remember. (That's my belief) Repeating a spell makes it stronger,and end with a ending like it with so note it be,or so make it be.(that's just common)
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Re: make my own spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Just write exactly what you want happen. If you want to make it rhyme, you can (give it a nice resonance when you say it) but it doesn't have to rhyme.

If you are working with any deities, you can include their name it in. For instance a spell can simply be,

"Good fortune, I call aloud to thee,
I ask you now to come to me,
For others I have helped, and by rule of three
Goddess (insert name) please bestow to me,
The good fortune I seek,
So mote it be"

I just made it up on the spot (so may not be perfect) but it's an example of a spell that can be used by someone who have helped out others but need some help and good fortune in return for themselves.

It doesn't have to end with so mote it be, but many practitioners include it especially if they are more inclined to white magic. (I don't necessarily see magic as white or black because I think it is highly subjective so it's a mute point for me).

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