Hello i am Aspen

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Hello i am Aspen
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Hi everyone my name is Aspen. I am 15 years old, and have been interested in Wicca since I was old enough to know it existed. When was younger it was pretty much set in my head what I was going to believe in and how I was expected to live my life religiously. I had never felt fully connected with being Catholic, but once I discovered wicca there was no turning back for me. Although I am not a wiccan yet, I'm hopeful, but want to hold more knowledge before I become one. I have not found my God or goddess yet (or rather they haven't found me) but as far as my goddess goes I feel an undeniable draw to Hecate. I also am interested is Arianrhod, Selene, and Diana. Some of the main reasons I love wicca is the fact that we worship both a male and female, because I believe that all gender is equal. Although I am a feminist, I am NOT a man hater like some are. I think it's just as wrong to stereotype men as it is women. I also like wicca because you don't have to maintain a certain appearance. Me myself, I have dark hair and light eyes and am quite short and thin. But wicca doesn't discriminate. You don't have to be goth or emo or any other subculture to explore or be a wiccan. I will go ahead and say I do not believe in werewolves or vampires or mermaids, however I will not judge you if you do, do not come and talk to me about it or also anything to do with dark magic. This is not Wiccan, Pagans, and Witches so if you send me a suggesting or flirtatious message it will be ignored. Thank you, and feel free to message me for information or friendship purposes.
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