Shadows all my life

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Shadows all my life
Post # 1
I'm 46 and have seen them since I can remember, My earliest memories of them go back to about 4 years old. I've learned to ignore them and pretend they aren't ther, but it's getting harder. The last year has changed. They have been persistent. The last one I was in a bad mood and actually chased out of my house. Seriously I knew it was a female and when she came into a private time I was mad and stood up and chased her away. I have never done that before. She ran away like she was scared., I've always just ignored them in the past. I'm tired and they won't leave me alone. I constantly see them or something. I feel them more. How can I get them to leave me alone? I'm tired and don't have time for these games they play. I have other things to worry about. A little history, my mother was born with a veil. Her midwife peeled it off her. She's always known things before they happen. Her mother had a paranormal experience as a child. My niece deals with "others" at times. We have even had "dreams' cross. I just need a rest now. Any advise Im so tired of always being "aware". Can I rest now? Any one?
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Re: Shadows all my life
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
As there is nothing on your profile,it is difficult to answer your plea. However.
THe "veil" on a baby is known as a "caul". It is part of the membrane that held the fluid.It is not at all unusual!
Nobody can foretell the future,because it simply hasn't happened yet.Though you may "predict" the future; what is "likely" to happen.
Your "shadows" sound like imagination.
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Re: Shadows all my life
Post # 3
I didn't know that about the caul, that's interesting and I should have looked it up before. I just remember my folks talking about it and there was something unusual about hers. She's very accurate at predicting then. Are some people just better at it? The shadows happen often. I don't drink or use drugs so my "imagination" must be crazy then. I'll just try to keep ignoring it, sometimes it's hard though. This last one was broad daylight and I was dusting my living room and talking to my dog. I looked up and there was the "girl" satnding in the doorway between the kitchen and dining room. I got angry because it scared me and I actually chased her out. I've never done that before, I usually just ignore it. I never realized an imagination could be so vivid. I just need to figure out how to turn it off then. Thank you for replying.
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Re: Shadows all my life
Post # 4
Others would envy you for your gift. First pls make sure it is no illness such as schizophrenia which does create illusions that do look completely real. This should be checked with professional help.
If however they are according to your belief real real, you might find out what they want from you. Consider them as friends and colleagues! You have a dog AND other pets and for free! So take it easy and stop worrying about!
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Re: Shadows all my life
Post # 5
No illnesses. I went through a bout of postpartum with my youngest child, but that was years ago and quickly fixed. I don't see the full "person" often. Usually just the shadow shifting just out of my vision or streaking across the floor. I do notice that when I'm stressed or have less sleep it happens more often. I've always tried to ignore whatever, I usually scoff at it. Thanks for the insight, something else to ponder.
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