Familiar Spirit/Animal

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Familiar Spirit/Animal
Post # 1
So I did a little research about them, Most of them says that a familiar is a Witch's spirit/animal guide/servant some says they're demons. They have so many different definitions but they share the same concept, it is something that guides a witch or someone. All I have found are just dots, and I want to connect them... I really don't believe that they are demons because we all know that people like to call anything that is strange and not the usual thing is a demon or a work of a demon, seriously. So If there's anyone out there who have knowledge about familiars and they really are and better yet that they actually have they're own familiar and that they can or have been proven or claimed that it is really a familiar. And if it's possible, How does one acquire a familiar, is there a spell for it? in any way possible?
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Re: Familiar Spirit/Animal
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Familiars are guides, so to speak, who help witches on their path. Some believe they are real, others say spirits. I don't believe they are demons at all, though others say they work with them. Demon is negative to me, others say it's just another word for spirit. It all depends on your belief. Not sure this helped..
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Re: Familiar Spirit/Animal
Post # 3
I have done research about this and I do not think they are demons at all. I think it's very similar to the wicca situation where people assume wiccans worship the devil, when in fact most if not all wiccans don't recognize the devil because it is not part of our primary belief. It's the same with the familiars, people assume they're bad when they're arnt. But I think it depends on u..if u practice bad things then bad things may be attracted to u and vice versa. Hope that somewhat helped :)
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