Individual gifts?

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Individual gifts?
Post # 1
I was having a chat with a few other witches the other day and the topic of individual gifts came up.

We discussed the possibility of every individual witch or practitioner having a proclivity for a certain aspect of their practice or an affinity or trait that helps them with their work.

We came to the conclusion that one of us was gifted with luck charms, another with weather spells and another with manipulating energies!

I was wondering what the communities thoughts were on this and if the community has any specific traits they'd like to share
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Re: Individual gifts?
Post # 2

First of all, the whole thing with weather spells? People constantly debate on them. "Weather" (pun intended) they are real or not.

They're not gifts. They're abilities. Everyone is born with abilities. Some stronger than others. For example, I have a very high point in channeling deities, but my low points lie within pendulum work which can be easily worked on.

Everyone is born with the ability to manipulate energy, not only on the metaphysical plane but within simple things as well such as manipulating someones choice to do something. That is technically manipulating someone's energy to make a decision.

So they're not gifts, but abilities that we are all born with.

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Re: Individual gifts?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Eris, there is nothing on your profile. Be careful, you are almost coming across as "fluff".
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Re: Individual gifts?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
you know people who say to be able to control weather are usually lying for instance i can predict the weather for up to two weeks ahead with incredible accuracy just by the wind and the sky so i used to mess with people when i was young that i didn't like by reciting the weather for a few days ahead and ending with and then lightning will strike you down, my point i relatively always get the weather right and if people could mess with it i couldn't predict it could i?
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