i think Ask mora is fake!

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Forums -> Comments -> i think Ask mora is fake!
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i think Ask mora is fake!
Post # 1
I don't know much about magic, but I have a degree in computer science and IMO, ask mora or fortune teller, is not really a fortune teller.
View the page source, I just did.
Mora doesn't even make a server trip when you ask a question.
It runs a javascript on your computer with the following logic:
It generates a random number.
And based on the number generated, it gives you a reply.
A machine cannot really generate pure random numbers, so the logic here is:
STEP 1> Generate a pseudo-random number based on your computer's clock.

STEP 2> Number generated in step 1 is a decimal number, (example 0.01954), let this number be NUM1.

STEP 3> Multiply NUM1 by 4. Let this be NUM2. (in our example, NUM2=0.01954 * 4 = 0.07816

STEP 4> Add 1 to NUM2 and call this NUM3, ie, NUM3=NUM2+1. (in our example, NUM3=0.07816 +1 = 1.07816)

STEP 5>Round off NUM3, let this be NUM4. (In our example, NUM4= 1).

STEP 6>If NUM4 is greater than 4, arbitrarily assign value 1 to NUM4.

STEP 7>Depending on the value of NUM4, show a pre-programmed answer:
If (NUM4 == 1)
say "yes";
else if (NUM4 == 2)
say "no";
else if (NUM4== 3)
say "maybe";
else if (NUM4 == 4)
say "probably not";

The code is as simple as above.
It doesn't depend on your name, doesn't depend on your date of birth, doesn't even depend on what question you ask, in fact, the program doesn't do anything with the question you ask, it just determines the time when you click "ask" and gives you one of the above four answers.
And they say "MORA is a sophisticated computer program which tries to analyze the future."
If you aren't interested in learning a programing language yourself, just send me a mail and I will write a stand alone version of this code, you can install it on your computer and you wouldn't need an internet connection or google chrome to run it :P

Re: i think Ask mora is fake!
Post # 2
People which believe that a "a sophisticated computer program" can predict you futures have "brain" problems.How is possible to predict the future without information about a person.It is nothing more than an ouija board on-line game !

Re: i think Ask mora is fake!
Post # 3
Its posted clearly, that Mora is for entertainment purposes only.

Re: i think Ask mora is fake!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Of course it's fake. It says quite clearly that it is for " entertainment purposes only ". It was never meant to give an accurate reading. No computer program is going to do that.

Re: i think Ask mora is fake!
Post # 5
I don't think Mora has the "requirements" to tell the future.
Some actually believe her readings...

Re: i think Ask mora is fake!
By: / Novice
Post # 6
We know..we are after all practitioners. But thanks for the algorithm lesson.

Re: i think Ask mora is fake!
By: / Novice
Post # 7
It's a program for entertainment purpose. Of course Mora is fake. It's for fun!

Re: i think Ask mora is fake!
By: / Beginner
Post # 8

What makes you think that? :) The statement that states it's for only Entertainment purpose, or was it the fact it's a computer program?

Re: i think Ask mora is fake!
Post # 9
Mora aint the only fake thing around here....

Re: i think Ask mora is fake!
By: / Novice
Post # 10
It's definitely fake,but couldn't it be kind of like numerology. Just based on the computers numbers..?

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