Serial Experiment's lain

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Serial Experiment's lain
Post # 1
Hi Everyone
I love Science fiction and the idea of Theorizing of outer worldly Alien places far beyond even the realms of normal imagination in life. I would love to have a dream of where i actually made it to my Mediation world and in my dream realize! i had or have the option to stay the only reason i think of this is because it's a place i would like to be.
-Basically could it be possible to fall into a deep (unconscious) Meditative state?
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Re: Serial Experiment's lain
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Mental, astral, and other kinds of non-physical temples are possible to create and it is easier to access them when in an altered state of consciousness. To answer you question, it is possible to achieve deep trance where one is not aware of their physical surroundings. If you do want to practice deep trance, I would suggest taking precautions for pulling you back into waking consciousness as not doing that can be rather dangerous. Even if you want to ignore your physical surroundings, your physical body still needs to be properly taken care of.

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Re: Serial Experiment's lain
Post # 3
Hello Eissy
Thank you for the insightful nice reply, i understand it's dangerous but that is the place i want to find. I am very new to Wicca but (last night i tried a spell i made up just a basic nature spell for myself to -Control Travel while Sleeping- To try and leave)-But i knew the chance of it working very very slim basically here i am writing this reply i am still here :D But since my -Self- over last 2 years i have realized that the Myself the spirit in deeper meditation could maybe leave the physical body behind. I understand the ramification's to My friend and family.
Bless it be.
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