over active chakra?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> over active chakra?

over active chakra?
Post # 1
Hey guys I'm Melody. Today I did the chakra test thing and my heart and sacral chakra was over active. Is that a bad thing? if so are there ways to make it normal? Thanks guys :)

Root: (-6%)
Sacral: (69%)
Navel: (25%)
Heart: (75%)
Throat: (44%)
Third Eye:(25%)
Crown: (-69%)

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Re: over active chakra?
Post # 2
By my opinion it is a nonsens. Fictions and fantasies. When you want know about chakras, try read translantions original texts from India. Sat chakra nirupana, Paduka panchaka, The serpent power, Shiva samhita, Gheranda samhita and similar. Are free on net mostly i PDF.
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Re: over active chakra?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Chakra tests are for fun, and maybe a good starting point, but accurate? Doubtful.

Your chakras should all be open to the same degree [aka balanced] having an overactive chakra can be just as bad an an interactive one. An underactive throat chakra might mean your shy and don't speak up, while an overactive one could result in you being really chatty and open. Don't worry, we all have overactive and interactive chakras, but we need to balance them.

Take what you learned from this test and build off it. Start working with each chakra, opening each to the same degree. Since your heart chakra is open the most, you won't have to focus on it as much as say your crown. Be sure to start with the root up, the root grounds us, the crown opens us to the universe/spiritual doing it the other way could result in problems.
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Re: over active chakra?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
lets pretend that somehow this is 100% Accurate... well isnt it quite clear? sorry, just the numbers speak for themselves, you would be dangerously unbalanced.

now back to reality-- tests are fun,they are nice, and funny to mess with, but honestly id never trust one. i dont think a human could really be so unbalanced. never trust a web test like that lolz :) like they are made by anyone! anyone! an 8 year old could of written that. (over exaggerated :P)

yes there are ways to work on chakras, if you plan to, i suggest you work on them evenly. your fine
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Re: over active chakra?
Post # 5
Thanks guys! I don't think the test is accurate either hehe, but I was curious because a lot of people put these test results on their profile so I tried it too. So anyone know how I can keep my chakra balance?
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