Questions about Magick

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Questions about Magick
Post # 1
Not really a question
Well I'm just new here, I just want to know if I am understanding it right.
So based on what few posts I've read MAGICK is controlling or Working with energy and other resources around you? hmm..
And it's not like in the movies that you will be able to control elements like AVATAR or turn into an animal or summon Zombies.

So I want to understand more on how it works and What works. I'm not really expecting to cast a Spell as early as now, but i want to understand how spell works and what kind of spells work? like love spells, protection spells, luck spells.

and another. just a random question. If I have a pet, a new pet. like say a parrot or a rat and i want it to love me or understand me, is it possible for a spell to help me gain their trust and loyalty. Ofcourse some will say that you DONT need Magick for that but in case all things fail and my pet hates me. is it possible? or other people's relationship with their pet grow stronger?

sorry for a quite long post..
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Re: Questions about Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Correct, magick is energy. It creates subtle change in one's life. If a spell goes against nature [instant physical changes] the spell won't work. If the spell deals with energy/forces like luck, love, wealth, so on. Things that can be brought towards or sent away from you by subtle changes in the energy around you, chances are it will work.

There are many reasons why a spell does or does not work [items, energy, if it's really needed or you choose to not work for it] keep studying to learn more about spells. Spells also are not black and white so think before casting. You want extra pocket cash, you cast a money spell, and find 20$ on the street. Many would call money spells 'white magick' since no one is directly hurt, however, the money came from somewhere, the universe didn't make a 20 dollar bill and place it at your feet. Therefore, someone lost it. You could argue it was karma taking money from someone who didn't deserve it, but what if it was a kids lunch money for the week? You never know, so think before you cast.

Well, like the above example, you should ask yourself 'is this necessary?' needed a raise to pay the bills is a better reason than wanting a bag of chips. Invest the time and your pet will grow fond with you, show it love daily and you will form a bond. But yes, you could cast spells to make your pet like you, but it's a bandage solution that could backfire. You'll theoretically have this pet for many years [depending on the pet it could be 20 years or more] why rush a relationship? It's a living thing, not a painting to liven up a room. Even I talk to my plants when I water or prune them. [Call me crazy but you get my point. It's alive, why can't you say a nice word to it?]
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Re: Questions about Magick
Post # 3
Wow thank you, well i understand that magick isnt a child's play and should be use only if needed. well its good to know that im on the right track.
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