First time.

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First time.
Post # 1
so, did anyone else have this odd connection when you did your first alter prayer or ritual?
like, I remember when I did my first prayer, which was basically a morning prayer asking my god and goddess to protect me, and give me wisdom to go about my day. & from then on, I always looked forward to praying and giving offerings to the god and goddess. For some reason, I catch myself thinking about the next time i get to tend to my alter, honor my god and goddess, and just pray.
I was curious, does anyone else feel like this? or felt like this the first time they did a prayer or ritual at their alter? (:

blessed be
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Re: First time.
Post # 2
I felt (and feel) the same. :) It made me so glad when I chose to become Pagan to finally feel something, a energy and presence when I prayed. It made me want to do more and connect more with the god and goddess and try to be better throughout my day, carrying more love and peace and light wherever I go.
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Re: First time.
Post # 3

When I first began to pray to Zeus, and the Olympians, I feel like I could talk to them. My prayers were just me talking to Them, and confiding in Them. It was wonderful, and amazing.

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Re: First time.
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Sometimes. More when I'm in circle over prayer. The first time I prayed and when I'm doing certain things [gardening, nature walks, meditation, sometimes while reading a pagan book] I can feel their presence. I always feel them in circle or when I give an offering. Prayer it's hit or miss for me. When it's a recitation [rub-a-dub-dub thanks for the grub] I don't really feel anything but when I'm off script and kind of talking about my day is when I feel their presence.
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Re: First time.
Post # 5
When I dedicated myself to Kwan Yin, I went to a forest and to a tree and prayed to her. Pledging myself as her child and her student.
In my minds eye I saw a brass statue of Kwan Yin in a candle light and the statue smiled at me.
It was an intense experience.
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