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Prune the 'Spell' Section
Post # 1

One of the first things I noticed here is that the 'spell' section is full of obvious nonsense.

This results in the following:

  • Serious magicians who are capable of really helping people: this site immediately discourages them: as it's difficult to teach people who already have a false conception of what magick is.
  • To serious magicians, this makes it difficult to take this site itself seriously.
  • I have numerous students. They have expressed that as a beginner, it is incredibly difficult to learn magick from a site such as this. If you're coming to learn magick, and you're attempting the 'spells' here.. Which obviously don't work.. You can quite easily be discouraged and come to the belief that all magick is nonsense.
  • It has been expressed to me that the moderators are "always bashing someone out" - The moderation on this site really concerns me. Nonsense spells are allowed to be posted and I have seen serious magicians persecuted. If the objective of this site is to seriously help people, some serious changes need to be made..
  • We all know that magick isn't simply reciting a poem while lighting candles and all the crap that Hollywood has young children thinking is real magick. This site does nothing but reinforce that false idea.

A 'spell' from the Spells section..

say this to travel to world on Halloween. We call on the dreams of creature and mortal, to heal the wound that worlds divide, from now on we each can create a portal, and each of us our own path decide. *remember only on Halloween, good luck.

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • focus belife
  • Why is nonsense like this allowed to be posted?

    I propose that strict rules be imposed on the posting of spells. This will prevent nonsense from making it to the spells section, and aid in the creation of a truly helpful section.

    Re: Prune the 'Spell' Section
    Post # 2

    Spells like the one that you posted are only for site traffic. If not for site traffic, barely any of us would be here, and we wouldn't have so many people here than we do today.

    You aren't the first one to complain about the site, and complain about the spells that are posted here. I am a serious practitioner who loves this site, and have met other serious practitioners and bonded with them. Your solution: Ignore them.

    Ignore the fluffiness, and what you don't believe and ignore, won't effect you. If you don't like the site, then move along and go on another site. Or create your own, it doesn't matter.

    Re: Prune the 'Spell' Section
    Post # 3
    I believe the fluff adds to more newbies here, when I started out I thought werewolves to be real, now I know they're fluff, things like this draw more visitors to the site. Fluff oddly enough seems to have its purpose, I am not a newbie anymore though, I have become a more serious practitioner.

    Re: Prune the 'Spell' Section
    By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
    Post # 4

    This subject has been covered multiple times in this very Forum. If you will use the Search engine you'll see that. The only person who can "prune" the spells is the Site Administrator and he has good reasons for not doing so.

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