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Telepathic Links
Post # 1
Are there ways to establish a telepathic link between two people (or more)? Also, telepathic does refer to speaking by mind reading-ish methods, right? How would one go about doing this?
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Re: Telepathic Links
Post # 2

If two people know each other very well and have a strong bond, then they could finish each other sentences and things like that. But not read minds.

But I don't believe mind reading is actually real.

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Re: Telepathic Links
Post # 3
Each individual has a right to privacy in their own mind. And I don't believe two brains can connect. Science hasn't proven any bonds, but neither has magick. Remember, magick is just an extension of nature and is still bound by laws. Telepathy will probably be really controversial as some see it as fluff, me included, while others may have a claim that it is real and have compiled techniques.

Did you even try searching? I'm sure their are articles filled out on telepathy for those who believe it an element in magick.
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Re: Telepathic Links
Post # 4
I don't mean invade their minds, I mean like communicate with them. Like in their mind they hear "hey" because of me. Sorry for confusion
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Re: Telepathic Links
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
AHS, do you know what pheromones are? Look it up.They are the natural "attraction" of one animal to another; and we are animals! They are what is usually meant by "telepathic".
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Re: Telepathic Links
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

It is possible for two or more people to have a psychic bond, but rarely does it manifest in a way where people can communicate freely and as easily as face to face talking is. Let's take a moment to look at the probability of why.

Subtle energy, be it psychic, magical, or divine, is not something that can be comprehended by our conscious minds alone, and so we interpret it in a manner that we can understand it (in linear, analytical methods). Taking a step further, our "conscious mind" where our cognitive processes are mainly dwelling, is known as the Beta Brainwave State. This is a high level of herz (HZ) that allows for deduction and high concentration. Lower the HZ, and you have our other main brainwave states, from Alpha, to Theta, and then to Delta.

Continuing off of that thought, a lower HZ frequency, better known as an altered state of consciousness (which we cycle though everyday), will aid us in understanding concepts in a nonlinear and nonanalytical fashion. In the Alpha brainwave state, we have creativity, relaxation, and basic psychic activity (please note that this one is not backed by scientists). In the Theta and Delta brainwave states, we have deeper trance and dream work.

Because the subconscious, which is bridged to by trance and dreams (and thus, Theta and Delta brainwave states), can understand abstract constructs, concepts, and ideas, it goes to say that altered states of consciousness (ASC) can better understand nonphysical energies.

Now take into account our daily thoughts and mental voices. They are products of conscious mind and it would be harder to convey conscious thoughts to another person's conscious mind, even if your subtle body (or bodies) is (or are) linked.

Think of it like this; our conscious thoughts eventually get embedded to our subconscious, which in turn manifests our subtle energy better. This manifested energy then gets interpreted by another entity, say, a human, who then has to interpret said energy with their subconscious and then interpret it again so that their conscious minds can understand it.

This is why telepathy, when thought of in a legitimate manner, is not the same as people would expect. Some more likely possibilities are things like synchronicity (paralleled events - in this case, thoughts - that happen at the same time), reading another person's energy, picking up on emotions, or examining another person's psychology with psychic aid, etc.

At the end of the day, you really have to ask yourself. Why hang on to the word telepathy when it is stigmatized and there are other, more easily conveyed concepts to address what you are looking for?

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