getting supplies?

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getting supplies?
Post # 1
my parents are totally against witchcraft. i have just begun to start researching, and i'd like to try and gather up materials, but i don't really know how. we have a few herbs in the kitchen, but not much, and i don't want to ask my mother for weird herbs and crystals and things because she'd probably get pretty suspicious. how would i be able to buy things without my mother and father knowing? any ideas? also, what are some things that you think are essentials?
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Re: getting supplies?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
i posted a forum about this a bit ago

the answers were either hide in plain sight or burry them below the ground (not my ideas, but others that i dont remember, my forum was called "keeping the secert" if you want a closer look

it was easier on me, i actually was interested in rocks and crystals long before, so i had a collection already! :D now when i get things, people think i just collect :)
try showing interest
another thing is try your hand at cooking, dont go nuts but ask for simpler things like sage (whites easiest in my case to get) or offer a meal idea using it

become known to them as- our well rounded child who likes crystals and cooking, not a witch :) good luck!
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Re: getting supplies?
Post # 3
aah thank you! i have an uncle who really likes minerals so the crystals shouldn't be too hard to get i think.
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Re: getting supplies?
Post # 4
I am trying to figure out where to get herbs or white sage at? I have a wiccan story in the area but I'm unable to drive since my car is messed up at the moment. I am doing a spell and I was looking for something I could buy at a local kroegers. I hear almonds or lemons could be used in a spell?
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Re: getting supplies?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
You don't need anything. Magick is energy, study magick and you'll discover you can cast without items.

For herbs, say you want to grow a garden. Don't go nuts, find some with magickal properties you will use a lot, but also work in culinary [sage for example] crystals, say you're interested in studying and collecting stones. So long as you don't have books and pagan symbols everywhere I don't think your parents would notice.

Start small, study before buying a bunch of items you may or may not need. While I have some items in stock, most of mine I buy when I need a spell. Look up more information on the site for ideas as well as research on magick.
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