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Love Magick
Post # 1
Now, I would like to point at first that I understand people become objects of desire in others eyes. Though I must ask would you ever want to be forced to love someone you didn't want to? Exactly so none of this will be about how to force another to fall for you, rather this will be about how "Love Magick" works and some divination you can use.

Alright now we have that taken care of I would now like to talk about what exactly is "Love Magick". So "Love magick" is spells, charms, Divination and Rituals the cause another to be attracted to you, Think of you, cause yourself to be more approach able as well as Broadening and Narrowing your "fields". It also deals with relationships wither building or breaking them. Now, this magick has a long history in many cultures, it is as old as humanity. Everyone wanted that one person to be theirs. This magick was used to sway people into another's arms or rather to attempt to that is.

Now let us go over some the Apple, shall we? So what does Apples have to do with love? Well Apples are linked with love, passion and sex. Now let us think of how apples can be used in "Love Magick".
--------------------Sample Break Up Spell---------------
Take a Granny Smith apple ( Green Apples), they are sour and tart. If you wanted to end a sour relationship you could take a green apple, tie a pink ribbon around it and with a knife cut it in half while saying " This Sour life and bitter romance, must come to an end. Save us two, from farther tart. As this apple is cut, let us slip apart. " Then burry the apple or throw the pieces in a river.

--------------------------- Back to the Topic-------
Love in a Family:
"Love Magick" also can deal with many forms of "love". Just as how there is "Family Love", " Motherly", "Fatherly", " Brotherly" and so on and so forth. Family Magick falls upon this category as well because "love" is what makes a family. So there are spells, rituals and charms one can do/make to keep a Family together, happy and strong.

-------------------Colors and Objects---------------------
Now seeing how Sympathetic magick is used predominately in "Love Magick" here are something you can use to in your spell/ritual/charm as well as colors.
Pink- Soft love, such as that in beginning relationships.
Red- Lusty Love, such as in deep passionate and lusty relationships.
Peach- Kind and Considerate Love, such as in friendships and families.

1) Picutes of the person / family
2)Pieces of their clothing or body ( such as sweat, hair, toenails and such)
3) Poppets ( ties with the 2nd one)
4) Apples
5) Ribbon
Well this was just an over view of what is "Love Magick". I hope you enjoyed and learned from this post. Remember Love has many faces and forms, so be careful with his magick. I also urge be mindful what you ask for because you might just get it.

Thank you all and have a great day/evening/night.

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Re: Love Magick
Post # 2
This was an informative read! I read it just out of curiosity.
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Re: Love Magick
Post # 3
Very good and informative topic a must read for everyone wanting to cast love spells.
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Re: Love Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Thanks for your perspective

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Re: Love Magick
Post # 5
Thank you for such kind words.
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