The Power of belief?

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The Power of belief?
Post # 1

I have a question. What is the power of a belief? It may seem like an odd question but its one I am thinking about alot lately. I'd like to see your answers for it.

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Re: The Power of belief?
Post # 2
Well, in my point of veiw the power of belief is what alows most spells to work. If you beleive in the spell you are casting, then it opens your body in to allowing it to happen. Where as if you isn't beleive, your body would all most be closed up and not allowing the energy of the universe to flow through. obviously just because you beleive in a spell doesn't mean it's going to work all the time. But I definitely think the power of belief influences the outcome of the cast spell. Hope this helped, blessing.
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Re: The Power of belief?
Post # 3

In my view, the power of belief is acquiring a strong belief and a positive mind set that a desire you have can and will come to fruition. Belief is a very powerful thing on the human mind. Believing is what makes our feelings and thoughts real to us. That is why belief in your spellwork is critical in successful magick.
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Re: The Power of belief?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Belief in one's magic is a powerful component in successful spellwork.

But belief can also lead you astray. We believe things that aren't and which cannot be true all of the time. I can believe I can fly but if I jump off the roof I'm going to find that gravity trumps my belief.

Or as I like to say, you can sit in the garage all night believing you're a Chevrolet, but that doesn't make you an automobile .

Belief can make the possible more probable, but it cannot make the impossible real. So always keep that in mind in deciding what to believe.

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Re: The Power of belief?
Post # 5
My opinion is that belief can help or hurt you. You can do a spell without believing it will work, but it can work anyway. But if you have belief, it
Is most likely stemmed from a want or need and interest, such as you wanting power and you have an interest in fantasy. You find a whole website and religion dedicated to magick that you'd find in fantasy, and it could gain you power, you're most likely to take more action with the spell and you'd be more motivated to your dedication or study. But it can hurt you as well.
You may want to use magick to manipulate such natures that don't exist within the magick pantheon, such as hurling fireballs at a whole city to take it over and enslave its inhabitants. That clearly cannot be if someone were to cast a spell to turn them into a powerful giant wizard, you'd find it won't work or the results aren't as only hurts you because it's unpredicted results that could harm you and discourage you as well, swaying you away from the true natures of magick each time a spell doesn't work. At the end of the day, it comes to balance and reality. You have to know your limits.
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Re: The Power of belief?
Post # 6
Lark that has to be the strangest saying i've ever heard....

Magick is a power of the mind, if you don't believe it will work you won't end up casting a spell correctly all the time and it may fall flat. The belief helps in the casting of the spell which is one of the many things studying for yourself helps. If yo know the in's and out's of what your doing that helps the spell even more.
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