Asthetics vs Truth

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Asthetics vs Truth
Post # 1

Most beginners and dare i say people full of fluff and Rp'rs i find are worried about their element, shapeshifting, supernatural creatures, ect. ect. ect.

A good choice to present yourself with before looking into magick is, are you attracted to the art and science of it, the truth of it? or are you romantisizing the hollywood-created appearance?

The history of magic is a long one, and virtually impossible to put into writing or words, "long" is actually the least effective word to use. What a magical practicioner can do, is achieve a spiritual awareness and for some, enlightenment, useful and benificial skills, among many other things. That is the truth of magick for many practicioners who are serious about it. However if you are driven by the fake appearance of it, you most likely want to control an element, turn into some silly creature, claim to be a demon or something, or even just lie to amuse yourself. If these are the things you want, then it is best you find a Rp website, or if you truely want to see past the hollywood nothingness, then find one of the handful of people on this site or moderators and ask them for pointers, or even better, go to the newbie central page.

The ultimate choice with anything, magick included becomes "is this right for me?." however another important question is "am i lying to myself"

I hope i managed to say what i wanted to without appearing like a complete hardcase, thank you all for viewing this page.

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Re: Asthetics vs Truth
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
great job! you put it well, and didnt sound bad

most people on here who arent fluffs, or self liers who dont understand magick would agree

(not to say a skilled person couldnt dissagree, notice the word most :) )
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Re: Asthetics vs Truth
Post # 3

well now i feel like a moron. hahah. it takes special skill to misspell most.

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