The third eye

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The third eye
Post # 1
I heard of the third eye does that have anything to
Do with this stuff ? Do these spells actually work ?
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Re: The third eye
Post # 2
The third eye has something to do with the chakras. It's not relevant to all magic, but a lot of new agers incorporate it into their practice.

The spells on this site work for those who use common sense and can discriminate between reality and fantasy.
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Re: The third eye
Post # 3

As a practicioner of chakra opening, I can say that there are no spells to open the third eye.

You must work your way up from the root chakra up to the crown, as the chakras work best when they are all open and balanced.

This takes time, however. You cannot rush this. They will open on their own, when they are ready. It is very dangerous, as in you can have physical and mental side effects if you choose to open them out of order.

With the third eye, your become more open to spirits around you and can be able to commune with them much easier. If you have a natural talent for this, it means your third eye is open, but can be worked on, or tweaked, with practice.

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Re: The third eye
Post # 4
The third eye is chakra Ajna in Yoga.
About praxis with chakras are good books on net.
Like Sat chakra nirupama or The serpent power by A. Avalon (John Woodroffe). Or Shiva samhita.
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Re: The third eye
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
From what little i have read on charkas, they have to be opened and closed. once you get good (in time) you have to also remember to close them. like casting a circle, you dont want to leave it open (you make it easier to be open to negitive energy obviously with no good intent- safety-first!)

also, smiliar to Dukali, close them in order... i think there is an article at least on this, most likely more, why not check it out?
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Re: The third eye
Post # 6
@ sunshinerain to close them.................

Close chakras? Openig a one chakra take many years of meditations. Swami Raghavanand for example wrote:
"Nobody can open all chakras in one life"
I think, someone makes people oxen..

I think, there is a many nonsense about chakras in Western countries. I recommend to read the translations of the original texts of the East, not a new fictions of western wannabe "Masters".
Good books about are transalntions by sir John Woodroffe - Arthur Avalon - for example like Sat chakra nirupana, Paduka panchaka, The serpent power and so on. Or a good books are Shiva samhita a Gheranda samita.
There are two different paths on the East. The first is a paths to Nirvana (paramatman). It means ending the cycle of lifes in this world and and in spiritual worlds too.
The second is a paths to obtain spiritual powers (siddhis) and a better life in the spiritual worlds.
A good book about the second path is not from India, but from ancient China. The secret of the golden flower, a Taoists spiritual alchemy. Translantion by Richard Willhelm. But, there is Ajna chakra called e "Heavenly Heart" and chakra Anahata "fleshly heart".
Yogis they want an ending the cycle of lifes do a meditation about all chakras. They must cleen them and awaken the Kundalini (The serpent power).
Yogis they prefer the second way must open chakra. But it take many years mediations about a one chakra only (see The secret of the golden flower - about three months concentration on Ajna chakra for calming, then bring attention to the Anahata chakra by monitoring breath and meditation for years in this place ).
Swami Raghavanand for example wrote.:
"It is important to great deepen of one meditation. Not many meditations."
When a chakra is realy open, siddhis - spiritual power hidden in - begin to work.


For example see chakra Anahata:

Anahat Chakra or heart chakra: If one contemplates (contemplation = a long term meditation) on the flame called vanlinga that resides in the heart chakra (anahat chakra), he attains knowledge beyond measure. He attains clairvoyance and can see the past, present and future. He can walk in air (khechari siddhi) and travel anywhere (Bhuchari siddhi). Through his clairvoyance he can perceive the yogins..............................................
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Re: The third eye
Post # 7
In a basic way - the third eye is your pineal gland.which can be opened when you start believing somethings like - the wound on my hand will heal fast. Believe like that can surely give like a command to your body and it'll heal for sure,these kinds of things trigger you to open up your third eye,this is not something i made up but a science fact. tips to open it are start using your instincts,start thinking deeply about anything,like there is no emotions of your's or other force,just try thinking about it naturally,like cat moving,ball fell down,book flipped,a persons emotions at a particular situations,trying to analyze persons nature through his face structure,his behaviour ,like that and your third eye will be triggered to open,your 6th sense to completely use it in free will,every time.
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Re: The third eye
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
(lolz its an other pop up zombie forum! :P)

sorry to brust you bubble :( but i study human anatomy for a career in forensic science and from my study, (though i mostly study dead, and this is from a year ago) that particular gland is a reproductive gland, and that is its only known use (besides the possibility of replaying reproductive information its also known as the " puberty gland" :) )
sorry... i think i know why you thought that,(being in the center and middle brain under the mid brain, and the hypothalmas) but im afraid its location is for protection, like the 2 other main glands next to it, not for magickal reasons. :(

if you want a "sub" mind for your 3rd eye, try the cerbellum. it controls memory and resoponce to situations based off it (and so much more... just basics)
it gives you a heads up, kinda like the 3rd eye :D im sure its location is findable but maybe its just spiritual?
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Re: The third eye
Post # 9
I think, Third eye is spiritual only.
But many people confuse together spiritual and physical things.
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Re: The third eye
Post # 10
maybe you'r right,i just read in a book.there they mentioned it's situated where your pineal gland is, i guess may be it's just spiritual.:D
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