My Experience—What?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> My Experience?What?

My Experience?What?
Post # 1
One night while lying in bed, I went through multiple articles on SoM, finding the best way to go about doing astral projection. I did not read the experiences of others, but here is my own:
Nothing was very clear. Everything had a grey quality, and the only reason I knew where I was going is I know my way around the house and the front of the yard. Maybe this was because it was night, but I am not entirely sure. What I do remember, however, is light would actually flash in front of my eyes, and I'm assuming this was due to a car driving by and that I was seeing the headlights. Soon, after wandering around with no idea of what was happening, my physical body jolts after a very bright light appears, as if I were hit by this "car." Maybe I wandered into the road without knowing it? It took me ten or so minutes to really get back to my physical body, and I haven't tried astral projection since (though I may try again tonight).
Does anybody have any idea as to what happened? Is this a normal occurrence in beginners, or does this indicate something else?

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Re: My Experience?What?
Post # 2
I would say it would be normal out of the fear of being hit by a truck or car, that impending sense of danger can shake you up pretty badly. Essentially out of the surge you were jolted back into your body as it is a terrifying experience to essentially be run over. You will not have any physical harm from it, but it would be fresh within your mind of what happened, thus can be traumatic. You successfully projected based on the information you gave. Try and have a focal point in mind before projection and see if that helps direct you after all you are projecting your astral body which is apart of you, which is still you.
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Re: My Experience?What?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Everyone is on the astral plane whilst they sleep but what we refer to as astral projection is being there whilst our consciousness is awake, thereby being able to control where we go in astral rather than just wandering around like a zombie there in a state of sleep.

Therefore, the question you need to answer to determine if you had indeed astral projected is whether you were able to control where you went in the house/yard as you roamed and directed yourself as to where you should go? Did you feel as if you were Awake?

The jolting is normal when returning to your physical body from this is a good sign.

And don't worry about getting hit by a "car" - it will not harm you in astral.
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