I need a voodouspecialist

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I need a voodouspecialist
Post # 1
Ok, so I need someone who specializes in voodou.

If you are novice, I need not you reply to this article.

So let's cut to the chase; I wanted my brother to leave my house. We've been through a lot, abused(not in a sexual matter whatsoever) me, and was just a bad brother to me. When he came back to live with my mom and I, he apologized for all his past behavior being that we have not seen each other in a bout a year or two. I forgived him, but I still did not want to him leaving with us being that we had to share a room and bed !

So being the witch that I am, I knew how I could get him out the house. I put some hot-foot powder in his shoes while he was gone. After about a day, he left and would be gone for days on end. But then he started to return. I did marie laveau's 'spell' to get someone out the house(found in Denise Alvarado's : Voodoo Hoodoo handbook). It involves cutting an onion and putting the victims name it and rolling it in the path of victim when they leave the front door. Victim should be gone in 2 weeks. He started to leave more and more, but once again he returned. So I was determined for him to leave this very day. I blew some hot powder on his belongings. And my mom kicked him out just like that... I guess my intent was strong.

So brother has been gone for a few weeks. And now he has gone to jail. He caught a very serious charge that I know is not his fault because it's not in his nature. I fear that it is because of the work I did to him...only reason is because I added paprika to my hot-foot powder which I know causes the victim problems, but this hotfoot was not originally intended for him. I only used it because I already had it on hand.

I'm wondering if there is way to reverse this, which I also fear there isn't. IF there is please give me advice or at least a way to get this charge removed.
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Re: I need a voodouspecialist
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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