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define magick
Post # 1
Can someone define magick for me,and how can I higher the chances of my magick working.

Re: define magick
Post # 2
There are a lot of really good posts to be found on Spells of Magic. Here are some of them.

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Re: define magick
By: / Novice
Post # 3
To me, magic/k is energy working and manipulation. Manipulating the energy that is found all around us in nature to help us in some way.

The more you believe, the more magic/k is likely to work for you. Of the spells I have cast, those that I do not believe will work never do, but those that I believe will work seem to.

Both belief and knowledge about the aspect of magic you are taking part in will help your chances of it working for you.

Re: define magick
Post # 4
Magic is doing something to change it from its current state of being into something else, possibly through spells or rituals. You must believe a spell will work if you are to accomplish what it is you seek, and knowledge of how to do so. A belief in spirits to help you is not necessarily 'magic', whether or not a 'spiritual entity' helps or not is beside the point, relatively speaking.

Re: define magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
you all really nailed it!

like energy manipulation, to change something (not like physically changing instantly though)

but you could get so much deeper too lol :P its like asking what air is- um... what you breathe?
a combination of 73% nitrogen 32% oxygen 1% some other mixture (just an example... dont take my word lol is been too long i learned this)

Re: define magick
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Magic is changing one or more things into something different. If you mix Copper with Tin it changes into a totally different metal; bronze. And that, believe it it or not, is magic!

Re: define magick
Post # 7
I would define it like applying quantum physics to a newtonian world.
And how to get better at it? Well, You can not learn to fight from a book. You have to learn things and try them out, find out what works for You.
And to Brysing, bronze is not a metal but an alloy. But don't worry, you can still change one metal to another, by a nuclear reaction.

Re: define magick
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
Of course bronze is an alloy. All mixed metals are alloys.But it is rather obvious that bronze is neither Copper nor Tin; but it is definitely metal! It's not stone is it?

Re: define magick
Post # 9
I would say that magick is using a finer forces of nature.
When you want have a real power, so you must understand before what you're doing and why so that you magick working.

Re: define magick
Post # 10
Did someone just delete my reaction to that nonsense "if it is not stone it has to be metal"?

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