My Experience

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My Experience
Post # 1
This is a post that is taken from one of my blogs. This is the original post and was made quite some time ago when I was still trying to grasp my head around the concept.

Astral Projection is the art and science of removing the astral body from the physical body. I am somebody who practices this. Whereas it can be exotic and fascinating, the process of removing the body is really complex and some would say really freaky.

What happens with me first is the paralysis stage, a process where my body goes completely numb, and my limbs feel like lead. The next stage is the firey stage, where my body starts to feel as if it is on fire, starting with the legs and working it's way up. The next and last stage is the vibration stage. This is where my astral body starts to vibrate vigorously and separate from the physical body.

After the separation of bodies, I like to get accustomed to my astral body after having my consciousness separated from it for a while. After that, it is typical for me to go take a stroll in my body, visit some wondrous places, maybe my temple( My temple was described in the last post.) If at all possible, I will meet up with a few of my friends within their dreams. The sad part is that they have no recollection of what happened the day after.

The best part of it for me would probably be the fact that you can teleport and go very fast because you are made of nothing but pure energy. This also means that you can visit different planets and break the physical boundary of man.

There are a variety of ways to do it but I prefer the method of making your body as heavy as possible, while keeping your astral body very light so you just float up. There are also different guided meditations that you can try to get out of the body. Not everybody can do it, but if you can, leave your method and experience in the posts below. But for now, Blessed Be.
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Re: My Experience
Post # 2
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Re: My Experience
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
wow, huh

thats different. ive never felt any of that. i just kinda... idk... separated. instead of fire or vibration. you experience this still? im curious
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