New... I guess?

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New... I guess?
Post # 1
Hey everyone, my name's Morgan... My decision to take a dive into, how should I put it.. this sort of thing(?) is very recent. Although in the past I've been very interested in magic. I'd make love spells or whatever else I could think of, meditate, and collect crystals as a young kid. Although after hitting puberty I really just let that stuff fade into the background until, well, now I guess. The cause of this is just a series of very weird dreams (one being that it rained spiders??) and a series of strange happenings that may or may not be spiritual? I was sharing a few 'ghost stories' with my boyfriend and I think talking about them made me start considering these things a little more seriously. Anyway, sorry for the long rambling introduction, I hope I can learn and grow from the lot of you. Thanks ^^
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Re: New... I guess?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Welcome to Spell of Magic, sense you are new to the site, you should have received a message from the Administrator (Petrarca) and one of the Moderators. Now, some of the place you should check is the site's Terms of Service, which is located on the bottom, right-hand corner of the site. As well as the Private Policy. You should also read the Chatter Rules, which you you can find by either going over to the chat feature and clicking [INFO] , or going onto the Articles section of the site.

Most of your questions can be answered in the FAQs, but if you can't find your answer or if you don't want to send them a question, you may ask it here in the Forums, just make sure you place it in the right Forums, or place it in the one you think is close and a member with ability to move Forums to the right place.

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