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Former Christian
Post # 1
Hello all, I am new to this site and well belief system to be honest. I'm really looking for someone who can teach me about magic and pagan belief. Pardon me for my ignorance if it seems I am a bit slow in this area. All I've ever known is what my parents taught me which was Christianity. I look forward to being an active member on this site.
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Re: Former Christian
Post # 2

Welcome to the site

There is much knowledge that is shared on this site, even for those who are Christian and practice Wicca. You are not alone and you will find others like you who will gladly share their knowledge with you. Check out the coven page for a coven called Christian Wiccans, if you are interested in joining a coven.

I suggest start learning the basics such as meditation, centering, grounding, energy manipulation and visualization. Those will be key subjects as you furthur your knowledge. You can search for these in forum tab. There is a search bar on the forums page. Type in what you want to study or know more about and it will bring up articles for you to read regarding what you searched for. This site has been around for 10 years I believe so there is much knowledge that has been shared over the years.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Just know that more than 70 percent of the spells on here do not work. They are to bring site to the traffic. There are those that do work, but in order to see which ones do and which ones do not, you should learn the basics.

You cannot change your dna in anyway, teleport, or do any form of kinesis.

You work with magic and you should respect it as well.

Good luck on your new found journey.

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Re: Former Christian
Post # 3
Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me, I will certainly look into your suggestions and I believe I should begin with meditation considering most of what I read says it is important.
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Re: Former Christian
Post # 4

It's no problem!

Good luck to you!

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Re: Former Christian
Post # 5
I was a former christian, so I suggest following what Dukali provided above.

As well, welcome to SoM. I notice, that we strive to build a spiritual foundation as a community, and learn in the process. With that said, you'll find many willing to help out, and find friends too.

I suggest checking Newbie central, and FAQs, and as well as look over the rules of the site. Besides that, I suggest starting to familiarize yourself with the site, and it s members. There is also a chatter, this will help create a more helpful atmosphere besides the forums. Good luck
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