4 Months Old

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4 Months Old
Post # 1
I've been practicing witchcraft for about 4 months (since August 2014).
I'm a Leo with a strong connection to Earth.
I'm part of a coven, but I do a lot of individual work and research; hence why I'm here.

I really want to learn and become a better witch. If anyone knows any beginner spells or rituals or tips, that'd be great! And I thank you in advance if you do!
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Re: 4 Months Old
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Well here is the biggest advices anyone can give. 1) Use common sense. 2) Do not trust television or any book for realistic spells. 3) Only do what you know.
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Re: 4 Months Old
Post # 3
It is nice that you do have a coven, too. Along with what ZeusUniverse initially stated, i suggest that you eventually do the year and a, day study. Why? Well this ranges from the craft, so it can be adapted to learning mythology, to the works of past witches. Typically the initates, already have to do initations(in gardnerian, alexandrian, to name a few) and to earn a initate degree, whether it be first, second, or third, sometimes fourth, if that is an option. It is often given as advised to the student upon dedication. Thus the year and a day study is often the time, ''cerridwen'' makes her favorite stew, or wisdom pot.

I also suggest to again, question everything. Think about the sources in every book. Are they from a trusted resouce? Do they make it grinded down, for more easily veiws and understandings? Again, this comes with common sense! If you ask yourself, how can you do a spell correctly. First think of the 3 gates. One, what is your full intent? Your outcome intent? Second, what is the purpose of the ''spell''? And lastly, Third, Are you prepared for any actions that your spell may harm.
Along with that, use common sense, applied with your recent knowledge. Don't trust every word, or label. Blessed be, :)
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