Casting Spells for Others

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Casting Spells for Others
Post # 1
Hello, everyone. My, this font is large. Okay so basically all I need is advice on how to cast a spell for a friend/family/partner. Would it be morally right to cast the spell for them unknowingly,even with the best intentions? Note that the subjects in question are not spiritual nor believe in the power of spell casting. And second, how would I pull it off with or without consent? Advice appreciated, snarkiness not.
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Re: Casting Spells for Others
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
mail me and I'll try to help you the best I can. If you give me more details especially.
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Re: Casting Spells for Others
By: / Novice
Post # 3
How to cast for a loved one: it's easier than casting for a stranger but it's still best if they cast for themselves or participate in some way. You need to be able to direct the spell, so being someone you know is easier than 'randomuser123 in America'. If you know how to cast spells you can cast for someone else, you should visualize the outcome happening to them, and a picture of the person, or a personal item can also help focus the energy.

Casting over someone unwilling: it's debatable. Whatever you view as morally right is the correct answer. Example, if this person is so sick they are sent to the hospital. If they don't want to be cast over, you need to determine if you should respect their wishes or help them. [Most Mormons are against blood transfusions from a religious view. Despite what the doctor thinks, they must respect the wishes of the patient] personally, in a life or death situation, yes, but to get your crush, no. Everything in between depends on the situation.

Even if this person doesn't believe in magick it could still work, but they will subconsciously be defending against the energy. It's the same if you pray for them, they're so cynical and against 'spirituality' for whatever reason they will not only subconsciously avoid the prayer but anything that might come as a result [say they pray to keep the person safe and they avoid being hit by a car] they will chalk up to coincide or luck. [Not saying it wasn't, but they will refuse to believe]

Without consent: easily, just cast it. People curse others, pray to protect their loved ones, and cast love spells over their crush all the time without first asking. It comes down to energy, focus, and intent. If you are casting a spell to protect someone who is unwilling, you will receive less negative energy in your direction [causing negative repercussions] than if you curse the person who cut you off in traffic.
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Re: Casting Spells for Others
Post # 4
Typically casting a spell for others, without them knowing is, wrong. However kind your intentions may be, you must think of the intent, and actions. I can't stop you, but i can aid you in decision making.

Before you start the spell, ask yourself these questions. Don't skip them, and in fact, i say ask yourself these everytime you cast a, spell.

*What is your full intention? (List all good intentions. As well as bad ones too!)
*What will be the benefits of the spell?
*What actions will this cause? Good/bad
*Have you tried all possible human/mankind ways?
*Do you need to do a spell?

These are good questions to think before, and after the spell.
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Re: Casting Spells for Others
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: Casting Spells for Others
Post # 6
As far as how to do it, it's best to get some item of theirs, hair and/or nails are best. Use those in conjunction with the spell materials. I prefer to create charm bags and place them under the mattress or in the box spring. It works well for me.
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