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Post # 1

I read an article on this site that said all spells were just prayers to a divine being and the spells would only happen if the divine being made it so. But why do we have to rely on divine beings?

I don't think we have to. I believe we all have limitless power, and we all have the ability to use it.

Instead of relying on divine beings who, I believe we should save ourselves. They are obviously not going to help us soon.

I also believe all beings are on the same level. Like if you have advantages, you need disadvantages that balance it. So, essentially every being's advantages vs. disadvantages is 0.

Just putting that out there.

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Re: Independence
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
This is kinda full of half truths. Some spells are prayers to deities where some are just spells that are muttered and spoken to work by the graces of nature and the universe. I good example of this is a magical chant you aren't evoking any spirit or deity just reciting some words with an expected outcome.
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Re: Independence
Post # 3

Spells aren't really defined as a prayer to a divine being. Spells are defined as a prayer towards a situation. This is much like a directed prayer where you pray directly to a situation. Passive prayers are those when you pray to a deity on a situation. I may have that mixed up but the context is still there.

Besides.... This is merely your belief and perspective of things. Nothing more.

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Re: Independence
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Kind of confusing, but spells are similar to prayers. Where they differ is the energy and procedure. To pray you connect with a deity and talk to them. [You could offer thanks or ask for help.] With a spell you connect with the energy in the universe, then focus/visualize and send it forth. [You also have a specific reason why you're casting where a prayer could be more open] Some people use herbs, crystals, symbols and/or call on a deity in the process, but these aren't mandatory by any means. Easiest way to differentiate is prayer is communication with a higher being, spells are directing energy. Both could be for the same goal but what you call on is different.
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Re: Independence
Post # 5
There are different "spells". You can use the power of your own mind - Mental magick. You could use amulets, talismans.....
You could do evocation higher spiritual beings...
and some others practices. It depend only on you.
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