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Older and New'ish
Post # 1
I'm an older Wiccan who fell due to a man who didn't believe, I'm just getting back into the swing of casting again. I haven't cast anything in quite awhile (10+ years). Before the internet was popular, most of my spells were formed from my myself and friends. If any one has advice for building up my power again I'm all ears. I know I still got it, I can feel it.

What caused me to get into it again is the bad luck I've been having, it saddens me to no end (mainly with love and work). I hope renewing my power will renew confidence in myself.

It's a pleasure to be part of this community.
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Re: Older and New'ish
Post # 2
Welcome to old SoM, Spells of for referance. Here it is a striving magic community, and you'll find loads of activity on the site. Things contained are various spells in luck, to shamanism articles. Below are more tips.

* Check newbie central. To do this click homenewbie centralvoila your there.
This will teach you the basics on SoM, and tips on getting started.

*Next try FaQs. To do this click HomeFaQsQuestionAnswer
FaQs is a place that will tell you all about the site. It tells info on the ranking system, moderators(who are awesome!!) Editors, covens, ect.

Lastly adventure around. Want a helpful connection even more? Go to covens, read a one that suites you, apply, and wait if you'll get accepted. *Note*: Spell casters is the largest coven, no application needed. Automatically puts you on council postion*

Try the forums too. Their highly active! Ask, answer, and engage.

Agree to chatter rules. This gives access to helpful hints, and social interaction with others. It's the quickest way to meet friends.

As to respond to the question, I suggest relearning the basics, and trying to learn more on all aspects of the craft modern day. Still depending on your branch, Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Ect, still pick up where you left off.

The craft doesn't state what to learn, or when to practice. Refresh and continue. Good luck!
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