Throw Away?

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Throw Away?
Post # 1
Hello everybody. I just casted a Stop Gossip Spell I created. I did a sigil of my name and drew it on the center of the paper. I wrote around it what I wanted to happen that was related to me. This is what I wrote: "People will only speak positively of me. Rumors will not sprung against me. I bury negativity; they will only speak sweet.". As I said: "I bury negativity; they will only speak sweet", with a spoon I dropped in the center of the sigil brown sugar. Brown Sugar in the spell will represent earth and sweetness(positivity). After that, I wrap the paper, surrounding the brown sugar which is in the center of the sigil and pretty much sealing it with rubber. It'll like like bag full brown sugar.

The symbolism in this is that the brown sugar, which represents earth, will burry the rumors. Now that they are burried, they will speak positively("sweet") of me.

Now that I finished the spell, what will I do with the small bag? Throw it away? Will it somehow affect the spell? I really have no problem throwing it away, since its the energy I sent that will do the work.
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Re: Throw Away?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
First of all, whilst a spell is in progress, you do not speak of it as magic works better in secrecy, that is, without outside influences and energies of other people, unless you do a group ritual in which case the group should keep it a secret until it is over. (Note that even though you may have completed the actual spell portion of it, the spell is still in progress).

I'm surprised that the spell you performed did not tell you what to do with the bag afterwards. You need to keep it in a dark place, (under your bed? pillow?) at least for one full moon cycle at which time you can bury it outside. Make sure it is in a location where no one (yourself included) will interfere with it as it needs the time to work undisturbed.

Next time you are unsure of a spell, post your questions up first and make sure you know the full details before you cast.

Good luck.
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Re: Throw Away?
Post # 3
Keep it in a safe place for the one lunar cycle, bury it at the end.

Next time i suggest, that you post a article on this beforehand. You don't want to second guess yourself during a, spell. Therefore, fully issue yourself over the spell.
good luck!
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