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New Witch
Post # 1
I've decided that I'm going to go by Emila when communicating with others within the world of witchcraft. I believe I am a white witch, and I have abilities where spirits talk to me. They have my whole life. And these spirits tell me when danger approaches, from storms to dark entities. They have protected me, as though they guard my soul. I feel like they've made me have a very strong, pure soul and they want me to help them by guiding lost souls, and by helping the living protect their souls to fend off demons. I'm trying to find anyone who will tell me I'm not crazy. I know my gifts are unique, many people talk to the dead but I haven't heard of many who get help in the way I do. I need to know I'm not lost in all this.
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Re: New Witch
Post # 2
You are not crazy. There are many people like you in this site :)
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Re: New Witch
Post # 3
I agree with ZenMagick, you are not crazy and I've met a few people on the site who have gifts very similar to yours.
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Re: New Witch
Post # 4
I just don't know how or where to start on any of this. I looked at a few spells but nothing else really helped me out. What's the ultimate book I can read telling me what I need to know?
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Re: New Witch
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

Welcome to the Spells of Magic, now Emila, now magick isn't "Witchcraft", Witchcraft is a practice. White, black, negative, positive, ...etc. are subjectional words, a lot of people don't give labels to magick, this is because, magick is neither good or bad, it's the intentions of the practitioner.

I assume you are new, please know that you are over dramatising, we can not guide souls, no one can, a lot of practitioners practice talking to spirits. "Fend off Demons", I am assuming you think demons are these evil ghosts, who take over people's bodies, make them do terrible things,.etc. well that is not true, in face Demons are spirits, they can't hurt us physically.

If you are serious and want to learn, please start at the beginning, learn the basics, you can read a very neat selection in the "Articles" as well as read the ones that have been posted to our forums, AwakeTooLong's "The Basics: Expanded" as well as Starries "Starting Out". Now, understand you can't run before you can walk, nor can your walk before you crawl.

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Re: New Witch
By: / Novice
Post # 6

You're not crazy. :) As said before, other people here have similar 'abilities.' I would suggest, if you'reinterested in magic, to check out what most people here would call the basics. Meditation is a great place to start, as well as grounding, energy manipulation, and such things. After you have a good grasp on the basics and have been practicing for a while, you can study more things depending on what you are interested in. I personally practice a lot of divination, but from your experiences, I would imagine you might try to find out more about the spirit world, demons, angels, and such things. Spells might not even be something you'd use a lot if you went down that path (I know I hardly use any spells unless they're for protection.).

Anyways, if you want to chat or have additional questions, feel free to mail me. I'm willing to talk, and I don't bite :)

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