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Dream Interpretation
Post # 1
Hey guys, I'd love to share my dream with you all, but I have no idea what this could mean,?

I had the coolest dream I think Iv'e ever had in my life, I dreamt I had a daughter called Jessica!!

Iv'e never gad kids myself before, iv'e known other people have kids and always wondered why they make each other so happy. For one thing I always was in wonder of, is all the work that is involved. And yet mum's and dad's never tire of such things, to them it's like the best thing you could ever do to be with your child.

And I for one have always had a alot of respect for parents due to this, for I who aren't a parent, struggled to relate to this. But last night that all changed! In my dream I was standing by what I took to be the lake in a park near some friends of mine in Leeds.

Jessica was about 4 when I entered my dream, so she had just started to learn how to speak, she had light brown/gingery/fiery type hair, she was beautiful, like her mother (although mummer wasn't at the park with us, nor did I know who mummy was in the dream), this was a father daughter dream.

Jessica was asking me why me and mummy loved each other, and why so much? Well of course children ask all sorts of questions and in my waking mind I always worry that I wouldn't know what to say when being put on the spot.

Instead in my dream, I knew exactly what to say and couldn't wait to tell her, I said you see Jess (bending down to go to her eye level), "when two adults love each other, they spend time together and eventually they fall in love.

"When they do this they create a son or daughter version of themselves out of their love of each other, this child is a representation of our love and kinship to each other, and you are what makes our family happen."

"Long ago I had a mummy and a daddy just like you did, I never understood this up until now, me and mummy love each other yes, but we love you so much more because you were created out of our love, it's not so much that we love each other more or less than we did before, but we are so happy to be with your, our little miracle, I guess It could seem that way".

I didn't remember Jessica's reaction to this, so my subconscious isn't letting me know if I passed the daddy test, but I do know how wonderful it feel now to have your own kids, honest to god I can't wait. Like everything that was cool before, now seems mundane hahaha.

I actually woke up crying I was so happy!!

I'd love to know your thoughts guys!
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 2
There are a lot of people who will not simply offer a dream interpretation without some form of payment, due to how time consuming it can me, however there are online places that provide this service for free. Dream Moods ( is a relatively well known website that provides interpretations under patterns following Western ideologies. You could type in the individual aspects of your dream, like "having children," "love," "conversations," and anything that you think applies to your dream.
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 3
I can't interpret dreams but I hope you find some use of what I'm posting below:

From my experience, symbols in dreams have some cultural aspect to it. For example, I'm Asian and dreaming of a snake means someone is crushing for me, my Hispanic friend says it indicates a pregnancy. We've both had confirmation of our interpretations. If I have to look up a symbol online, I've found that Gustavus Hindman Miller has been most accurate for me, you may find someone else speaks to you better.

The one universal I found is lighting. Dark indicates danger/negativity, light indicates positive or that it will be easily overcome, and overcast lighting usually means deception or you aren't seeing a full picture.

When I absolutely cannot figure out what a meaning I give up and focus just on what the lighting is telling me. There's a quickie way to ward off the negativity should you see dark lighting; mix some salt with a handful of rice or another grain you have, toss it in 3 separate directions from your front door. You're symbolically removing the husk (what you don't want) from the harvest and the salt, of course, is for cleansing.
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